Unreasonable Weeklies

15 Missions on 4 different characters is ridiculous. That’s 30 hours of playtime at best and it incentivizes playing boring missions you can reliably win. Reward players for pushing themselves, not for mindlessly grinding. Tier 2 difficulty missions are populated by level 20+ characters probably grinding out dailies and it’s mind-numbly boring. Scriptures and Grimoires have the same issue but at least those can be done in 2-3 hours per character. 3 missions without anyone being downed is very reasonable. I don’t think generic mission completion should be anymore than 3 times that.


->He doesn’t reroll completed missions, scriptures and missions without player deaths
You need to get updated on the meta.
Plasteel, Diamantine and kill missions is where it’s at.

But yeah I agree. The balance is out the window. Some missions are worth it and some absolutely aren’t.

The best missions:

Collect X Plasteel
Collect X Diamantine
Kill X Scab with RANGED
Kill X Dregs with RANGED
Kill X Monsters (the lower the better, e.g. kill 4)

I basically use a large chunk of ordo dockets to re-roll all the missions at the start of week until I get the above.

Plasteel + diamantine can be completed on 1-2 damnation runs.

Killing dregs/scabs with RANGED is much easier than with MELEE, and typically 3-4 damnation missions is enough to get that done. There are far more scrabs/dregs that you’ll come across at ranged combat distances, and with everyone being more trigger happy than melee happy you’ll get the kills quicker if its on ranged.

Hopefully you get lucky with monsters spawning in. I’ve had missions with 3 monsters in one mission, but you can usually expect at least 1 per mission.

Accounting for the occasional mission loss, I’ll budget for 5-6 missions to get the weeklies done on a character, assuming I’m on damnation difficulty. (3-4 hours of playtime on a character).

Account-wide, the strategy is to build up to having at least 4,000 Melk coins on each character so you can spend on something you’re waiting for (e.g. some juicy Tier 4 Blessings).

Prioritize what characters you want stuff for and complete the weeklies on those. Once you get above 4,000 coins, move onto whatever characters are below 4,000 coins and repeat.

And FWIW, “grinding out the weeklies” by playing on Tier 2 is stupid (IMHO) if you have the ability to play on a higher difficulty. You get more enemies, monsters, and crafting material on higher difficulties and so per minute spent are going to make more progress.

The weeklies for getting books is dumb - because finding all the books consistently takes waaay to long during a mission (EDIT: I’ll also add that books on Damnation can lead to more frequent wipes. Carrying ammo/health until the finale objectives is pretty important to your team’s success). No deaths during a mission is also dumb, because mistakes/idiots happen and you do the mission and get zero progress on that weekly for your time spent. Completing X missions isn’t worth it either unless it’s really low. You can get all the other rewards in fewer missions.


Wonderfully explained, I got nothing to add. Just one typo you have there. You pay ordo dockets to get the missions rerolled, not Plasteel.


Necro thread, created back when weeklies were a full-time job.


Lol. I totally missed that :slight_smile:

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I actually kinda like getting those big ones once in a while. Bigger payout for something I would’ve done anyway. Typically I’ll either ignore the bounties if I know I only feel for a match or two, but banging out 8 or 15 matches isn’t terrible once in a while if I’m in the mood for it. I just don’t like the kill X enemies with ranged/ melee though. Too much RNG on the spawns for my taste.

The nice thing is we can always reroll the bounty if we don’t like the cards we were dealt.