Weeklies challenges are not that interesting, and very restricting

I do think that :

  • Quests are restricting you a lot in a single mode : Quick play.
    QP have QP quests.
    QP have grims & tomes.
    QP have ravaged arts.
    Thoses 4 quests are the biggest issue overall.

You wanna play another mode like weaves ? Too bad for you. You’ll not be able to earn any reward from thoses.

The quest about “daily quests” should give you back quests when you completed them daily so you don’t have to wait 3 days after the start of the week to actually complete your weeklies if you want to.

  • The difficulty played should really reward you more than currently. It takes far less time to rush through recruit to complete thoses quests and this is not okay. This is something that you have a hard time to figure. Cata is less rewarding than legend (as it’s harder but gives you the same rewards). And now, recruit is the way to go in order to complete quests quickly (that’s the quickest way). Deeds are also very strangely rewarded.
    There’s a difference between allowing all people to complete quest in every difficulty level (which is fine), and making “harder” difficulties less rewarding (which is not fine).

  • The ravaged art part is probably too long compared to others objectives, as they pop randomly through 20 differents spawns that you’ll usually do not really know.

  • Weeklies challenges should not be the ONLY way to earn shillings.

As it is now the progress is too slow to get all hats in the store :

Taking my example, I’ll need

  • 21 weeks to get the lohner’s hat from commendation chests I still miss after 2000+ hours (when some people did have the LUCK to get them all, or nearly).
  • 70 weeks to get the new content I still need
    For a grand total of 95 weeks, if we consider you’ll not add any new content during the time (where we know that you will add more).

Quickplay quests are fine as it’s the ‘most played’ gamemode, so i think its fine to have a ‘gamemode locked’ quest. play a weekly event quest on the other hand is not good, as it forces players in a something they might not like. (also its very unpopular most of the time (unless twins or vanguard) ).

I don’t think difficulties should reward you more for shillings quests. I am fine with all the difficulties giving the same amount of experience and the same amount of shillings. I am also fine with the idea of someone grinding 10+ weeks in recruit to get the same hat i have. i’ll do it by doing the difficulty i enjoy and he will do it by speedrunning, and i’m fine with that, if we both enjoy it. (even if they fixed recruit speedrunning (which i doubt) its still possible to speedrun legend and get loot faster then others).

Agree about daily quests. i don’t like it being timelocked and forcing players to come back or wait 3 days to do their weekly. What if i want to play all day on quest reset and grind them all out at once and relax the rest of the week? I don’t know what the best way to do it would be tbh.

Ravaged art is longer then other quests. But i never had alot of issues completing it. i don’t know alot of locations and i almost always complete it by the time i do all the other weeklies. It’s tedious to check every location, but i don’t bother with all locations tbh, i just check a couple and the ones close to the main path. (or i leech from my team and i let them check :^) ).
Also i don’t know if there is a pattern in art spawns, but if there isn’t, i think it would be a good idea to make patterns in spawning behaviour, so players could learn them. Example; ravaged art spawns in spot ‘x’, the next 2 spots will be the same all the time. art is in spot ‘y’, next 2 are always the same spawns. so only the first 3 spots are random and need to be checked and from then on you know the rest automatically like tomes and grims.

I agree weeklies shouldn’t be the only way to earn shillings. I don’t know how they could introduce new ways to get more though. maybe in future events they could, or a passive way maybe? not sure.

Also agree that quests are very lacking in terms of variety. It’s very boring and i don’t even realise i’m doing my quests most of the time. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depends on how you look at it. i would rather do quests and be engaged and do something. not just complete them passively by playing, but thats very subjective and i think most of the playerbase enjoys most quests being passive or objectives most qp’s already do anyway.

Something important to note is that weekly quests are not mandatory to be completed. It only rewards cosmetics, so its entirily optimal. you don’t need it to play the game. I understand most players don’t wanna miss out and see it as ‘i must do this’, when in reality you don’t. I know it can lead to unhealthy playing, so i don’t see it being a bad thing to make every difficulty the same amount of shillings, or add a passive way to earn shillings to combat that feeling of 'i must log in now or i miss out on HUGE amounts of shillings", or i must play this difficulty or it will take me 20 weeks longer to get a hat i want, etc.

You’re not making much sense. You think its fine that someone has to spend 10 WEEKS to get a hat you own, but then go on to say you don’t think players should be time locked to do weekly’s. So players can be time locked to get hats, but not challenges?

“Something important to note is that weekly quests are not mandatory to be completed. It only rewards cosmetics, so its entirely optimal.”
If someone wants cosmetics, then it’s not optional, as shillings are primarily the only way you can buy cosmetics in the game. Youre right, you dont need cosmetics to play the game, but most people in the community want them, and the only way to get them, is to complete weeklies. OP is right, challenges are beyond boring and lack any substance or challenge.

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I assume you are saying this based on this?

you missunderstood. i am not saying 10 weeks to grind for 1 hat is fine, i am saying i don’t mind if someone else gets the same hat as i do in a way that requires less time but is less fun for me personally. The 10 weeks part is just an example. you can replace it with 1 day if you like or 1 hour.

Ofcourse, in that case they do. you again missunderstood. i mean optional as its not needed to play the core game efficiently or to the fullest.

You forget loot die. Although I have to say that the statement is slightly incorrect. Only QP quests need QP. All the other stuff (Tomes, Grims, Ravaged Art and Loot Die) can also be found in Deeds (at least most of them), Twitch, Weekly Events and also normal Lobby Browser. So basically in every variation of adventure mode. You are however right with

Which is kinda let down. This could partially be solved if Weave Quickplays would count towards quickplay quests, if monsters in Weave would drop loot die (or do they, last time I cant remember seeing them) and if there was a guaranteed Ravaged Art spawn in the arena part of the Weave maps. Not sure on Tomes and Grims though, they would still be tied to Adventure Mode.

For the shilling part: It will simply not happen. FS will keep them hard capped and personally I think that is fine. People are not supposed to buy out the store no matter how much they are triggered by that. There could be other way to earn shillings though, but the hard cap will and should stay the same. A compromise would be a dynamic model which has been suggested in the past, but it is to complicate to understand for the majority of the community.

You have switched reason and result. FS has made these quests to redirect player flow to these modes so they stay populated, not because they are popular. The reason why it is those two is because they are meant for public play. The problem with Weekly is simply that many modifiers are not that interesting or preferable in solo play (looking at Curse of Comradeship). Suggestions for more modifiers have been made.
Other modes will not receive specific quests because they are meant for premade groups like Twitch and Deeds.

This is among the lists of things I consider worthwhile for a (community organized) community contest. Personally, I would like to do one for Okri’s Challenges but havent found a suitable way (and motivation) yet.

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I do think the time spent in later difficulties, which takes longer to complete overall (and with more risk) should be valued correctly. Correctly does not mean “rewards you more” is mandatory. That means there’s must be at least of equal value. As explained, currently, it is not.

It’s just more time consuming. Therefore it’s not the same value than the other quests. Same stuff than difficulty.

You meant optional. And I agree. Except for… you guessed it… completionists again (what a bunch of morons :p)

edit :

A compromise should be at least to make acquiring a commendation chests hat less random. Like numbers of hours spent “PLAYING” (not idling).
As it is now, I start with 20 weeks of weeklies (20 weeks…) less shillings than some others with currently NO WAY to speed up the process to be able to be “on par”.

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I need to know if you intentionally don’t read what’s being typed on screen or if you’re just skimming it.

What did i miss?
I don’t intentionally miss things. i either legit missed something or i have already answered it in previous comments. If i missed something please let me know so i can give you an answer and help you out.

I agree with what ur saying. i mean that quickplay is the most played gamemode overall and will most likely stay that way. (it has been from launch untill now). It’s not a gamemode that’s either dead most of the time or very hard to access solo. So in that regard i think quests locked to quickplays are fine (even though i find them boring).
Also hard to tell if you agree with me or not, i agree on the reasons qp has the quests and not premade content like twitch.

Well it depends on how you look at it. i think having the same amount of shillings while having the fun of the higher difficulty is more reward then playing on champion for example. But thats entirly subjective and i understand where you’re coming from.

Yes i agree its more time consuming. Just trying to show my perspective on them. they aren’t That bad for me personally.

No i understand that. i know thats a case and it should be taken into consideration. Thats why i think a passive way to get shillings would be good. to cater to completionist and help them out a bit.

I hope my first comment was clear.

I’m more of the opinion of completing quests to earn shillings “faster” in higher difficulties. So you can spend your time elsewhere (like others “end game” modes) instead. You earn the same amount of shillings. But each game you complete count for 2 “qp” games of recruit for example.
That way, you take about the same amount of time, and I guess the risk you take can be rewarded “a bit more”.

Another options to earn shillings should be great to welcome others modes of play to be honest (weekly challenge, deeds, etc).

So 50 shillings per weekly quests in legend, 40 in champion, 30 in veteran,… . Do you mean something like that? How would this improve the shilling system? or do you just want to increase the shillings per weekly?

I don’t think so. I mean “Do X points of QP” instead of “Do X QP”, points are earned by difficulty (20 pts for recruits, 40 for legendary …).
Therefore you have to do less QP in higher difficulties in order to complete the same quest and get the same reward.

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Oh i see. so like complete 5 legend qp’s/ 7 for champion,… etc all for the same shilling reward.

Exactly this. That way, you can complete weeklies “faster” in higher difficulties so it cover the disparancy between rushing lower difficulties and playing higher difficulties. It also allows for more variety in end game by “not forcing” players into the modes that covers all the quests at the same time.

There’s still the issues of commendations chests hats which put people which didn’t drop thems months behind thoses who had the luck to drop them. But that’s another matter, which require another solution.

But it does force players into a difficulty, or is that ok?

How so, you chose to spend 10 mn each level doing 2 levels, or 20 mn for one level. It could be better if earned points were “time based playing”, but we don’t have many tools there.

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A champion player who does 15-20 mins on each map for him it will take him much longer to complete his weeklies.

Also it’s again psychology. I’d rather do only 5 games instead of 7, even if it’s technically harder and will take longer for that particular player to complete the 5 harder games.

There is also a danger that more players will attempt legend from lower difficulties as they feel ‘forced’ (even though they are not) to play there and some will find it too hard and complain, which would result in things getting nerfed or buffed. I think the solution is much simpler, just let every difficulty get the same amount, nobody gets more or less, everyone is free to do anything they want, let quests be general quests that don’t require a specific gamemode, remove daily time gate and add a passive way to get shillings so completionisr can get the entire LE by farming for a month ( for example).

Reward players that play on higher difficulties in other ways, like helmgart challenges are a good example of this.

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Depending on how it goes, it could take the same amount of time as now to be honest. There’s no need to scale the current system to “the time it takes to complete it in cataclysm”

I’m not sure that’s a danger. I feel fine with having players taking the risk to attempt legend. It’s the difficulty that makes the game interesting, and I’m all for welcoming new players in legend. (or cata)

I’m all for this.

The problem with the weeklies is what each individual weekly is. I think currently it’s darkness, curse of comradeship and more specials. Absolutely hellish to join a run.

A change in what is required would encourage me to play weeklies more often. Currently it’s Twins, Vanguard, More Specials and maybe Ranalds Bomb. Anything else added into the mix is a flat NO from me.

I’m not sure a passive way of getting Shillings sits too well with me as it should take some effort to get - although I might be missing what you mean by passive. Having a little pile of coins as part of the random spawns (Like ammo chests, potions, or heal pots) might work although people will soon start thumping their desk about RNG giving some runs LOADS and other runs none.

I agree that the individual objectives are too restrictive and force players to play in ways that they may not want to. Why should I have to play QP if I have the most fun with a pre-made team of friends? Why should I have to pick-up books if I prefer QP Cata runs? The weekly events are also trash and completely unfun - doing these quests is a chore. Goals like kill X enemies, Y monsters, complete Z games are way better as they are not tied to a partiular game mode (weaves or standard or event), QP, or books.

I don’t feel higher difficulties should get more rewards. You will already earn achievements like slay elites or headshots faster because you face more enemies at these difficulties - I usually play twitch if I get the ‘slay monsters’ challenge.

While theoretically we could all run recruit to complete some of the current challenges (QP, books, event) faster, in practice this is just far too boring a loop hole to exploit.

Having said all this, the real issue isn’t the lack of shillings it’s the lack of real diversity in cosmetics. The emporium is just populated by way too many slight variants of the same skins. How many re-colours of the Ranger’s toque/beanie do we need? Shillings are kinda pointless unless there’s something worth spending them on.

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