Weeklies challenges are not that interesting, and very restricting

Yes my bad, with passive i mean a way to get shillings without being locked by quests and without being capped. So if someone wants to grind out 10k shillings in a day they could, for example (numbers are examples). I’m not sure on how they could implement it though, adding shilling bags in the map would be the same story as art, maybe have enemies drop them? But thats super rng. Maybe add a shilling amount when you complete a map? All those have disadvantages though so idk.

An easy solution could be a system to change one (or two) “mission” exactly like we can do with dailies.

The problem behind weeklies is that they force you to play in way that you don’t want. Example: books if you are a Cata player (and this is boring also for who plays with you)… Obvly we could totally rework them… and it would be even better… but the solution I wrote could be something easy to apply meanwhile they find better solutions.

@mattie I got you now. I think if players had no gate on how many shillings you could earn then lohners might see some hyperinflation of hat prices… And then we’re back to everyone clamouring for new content for lohners or having a meltdown about high pricing… Or both.

And so we go over old things again. Why no Red skins in lohners? Why no weave skins for 10k in lohners? Not even a mass of recolours?

Back to weeklies. Putting some additional reward on weeklies STILL wouldn’t make me consider joining darkness+comradeship as its almost a guaranteed down when you join miles away in the dark.

@froh is right that weeklies are weak (haha) but solving one problem seems to create another. This is not an obvious quick fix thing.

I agree that it’s not an easy fix. There are easy bandaids to introduce, but i’d rather get a real solution.

I don’t know, i think it’s fine if someone has all the hats in the emporium, if it took them a while to get. With a passive shilling way i am not saying i want it to be easy to get them or easy to get alot of shillings, just that if someone wants to play for shillings and feel like they are progressing, thats good imo, even if it still takes a long time.
It would only be for people who really want everything and even would help players if they don’t like to do quests everyday and be forced into something they don’t like, but yes there are multiple views we have to consider.

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Once again, I’ll say it: the simplest solution is to bring back the contract board and axe the shekel portion of the emporium, leaving it only for premium hats. The emporium has made it more clear than ever how worthless most of the hats are in the face of some of the newer ones. Maybe some people are collectors and that’s fine but as long as everything on the board rotates like it did in the past, I see no downsides. If anything, it’ll probably make people log in more not only to see what’s up but also to progress their quest progress.

On top of all that, adding quests for reds and contracts for red dust here will finally put the rng whiners to rest. The V1 system was so much better it’s actually insulting the board didn’t make a return.

Now that there are weapon illusions, the board could have even more usage. It’s not like the board itself showers the player with items or hats so there’s no reason for some poindexter at FS to get their panties in a bunch. It’s nice to progress towards things with the end goal always within sight, as opposed to the vague nature of Okri’s challenges. There should be more stuff to do than before. It’ll drive up engagement.

Just to round this out, I hopped onto V1 to have a look at what was up for grabs. Two hats for Krubs and a swiftbow.

That still wouldn’t fix most of the issues or even all it would just replace weekly and daily quests but instead of shillings give an item, almost thr same thing. How would a contract board be less restricting then a weekly or daily quest?
How would a contract board have a clearer goal then just getting shillings and buying a hat you want in LE with those earned shillings?

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With the current “shillings limited by weeklies / dailies” scheme, Lohner’s Emporium is basically the-same-but-superior system to the old contracts board in every possible way. It does almost exactly the same thing and in the end fuctions almost exactly the same way, with the very beneficial exceptions that you can:

A) Choose the reward you’re working towards instead of having to wait for something nice to come up (and be online that day, and not being already working towards something else you want).

B) Save up your “keys” instead of risking going them to waste, or having 3 times a 3 key quest saved up which blocks you from doing new quests.

Both of those differences are a good thing. And Lohner’s Emporium with shillings as a sytem doesn’t have a single drawback compared to the old board either. The reason people think the old board was better, because it had better rewards (reds, actual items instead of just illlusions, rare hats, and rare trinkets) and more engaging quests.

The solution is not to revert to the old board. The solution is to change the contents of the Eporium and the nature of the quests.


Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather have a contract to kill a stormfiend on Old Haunts on Legend+ which will progress me towards some nifty hat than kill 55 elites for a handful of shekels that will get me a hat in six weeks. Shekels add an extra step and remind you that there’s very little worth purchasing from the emporium.

Right now, everything completes as you play, minus the weekly event one and the book ones if you’re exclusively a cata player and would rather not. There’s absolutely nothing engaging about that.

If there was a better shekel system that could somehow be used for non-cosmetic stuff, that’d be one thing but it still would suffer from being bland nonsense. As you said, changing the contents of the shekel shop and changing the nature of quests is even better but that’s closer to the old board than the emporium.

It’s not superior. The rewards are worse and the “quests” are worse.

Yes, exactly what I said. The rewards and what you need to do to complete the quests is worse, but as a system the Emporium and shillings are a lot better than the board with keys was. So if you change the items in the shop and what you need to for the quests it’s a lot better than the old board was.

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If we look at both systems at their core, lhoners emporium is superior in general. Unless you are a player who enjoys to keep track of a calendar and log in on a specific day and then do that quests that day, which is fine.

Issues like: not enough shillings to buy a hat, boring quests, not enough items to buy in le. Those are just secondaries that can be adjusted, it doesn’t mean the core idea of ‘get shillings, buy what you like’ is bad.

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I think i finally understood what you mean here. You confused 2 parts of my reply to froh and put them together, when thats not what i meant. The 10 weeks example was just in regards to froh’s point about ‘higher difficulties should give higher rewards’, the time locked was just on the topic of weeklies and dailies and weekly daily quests being particularly time locked. So to summarise, i don’t mind if recruit players can get the same amount of shillings as legend players, i’d rather players are comfortable to play on what difficulty they enjoy instead of trying to push higher if they don’t enjoy it without feeling like they are left behind, cosmetic wise. And ofcourse there will be players taking advantage of that, but i’m fine with that if it means all the positives stay that come with it.
The 10 weeks was purely an example, it was to showcase i am fine if someone gets a hat faster then me by playing a lower difficulty, this doesn’t mean i am ok with a hat taking 10 weeklies to get.

Hope this clears it up, i understand i can be pretty confusing.

Maybe a combination of some of the aims from the contract board made into weeklies might be cool. 300 bomb kills+More Specials might be cool.

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