Weekly Shilling Reward Change

Can you please let us fulfill our weekly shilling cap however we want please.
currently we can do like 5 or 6 quests per week with 50 shillings per quest. so intotal 300 shilling per week.

can you make all the quests repeatable? so we can do just get 250 headshots 6 times to reach our 300 shillings per week. once you did the weekly quests 6 (or 5 or whatever the current number is, i dont pay attention) times, the weekly quests turns itself off till next reset. this way I dont have to do tedious quests like “do 10 quick play” or “get 8 grims”. please do this so the player can do them however they want.

*i’m complaining because
-I dont wanna do non cata
-critter hunting is tedious
-i dont wanna get books in legend or lower
-most of the cata games in the lobby are all custom and not quick play
-i dont wanna do non cata

so i can just do the kill X number of elite and/or headshots 6 times and be done with my weekly cap, without having to do the other lame stuff.

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. xD

this is where u say “i agree ;o!”

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I want to agree, but i don’t think this would be implemented :confused:

Lol, I just collect books on cata. Git gud

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By Gittin gud.


Elitist git gud mentality smh, just gimme loot

I dislike some of those as well (looking at you, quick plays), so I wouldn’t mind it.
The only “problem” is that some of those are ridicolously easy (the elites killed for example). In a way some of the challenges are fun (some weekly events expecially) and being forced into doing something different can be entertaining. But yeah, I’m mostly with you, even if it’s not how I’d implement it.

It’s not a matter of gitting good. Your team might not appreciate you getting books on cata, and they have the right not to.

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Play as a host or in premade party or your team should git gud.

Definitely top annoying. At the same time contributing the most to the community.

I honestly can’t imagine having a premade and deciding to just play cata with some books

That was and will be probably be the main issue for Cataclysm. There is simply no reason to take books at all. I personally try to run Cataclysm with me taking all the book I can even if my team does not care. The problem is: you need some time to get to the locations (even if it’s just a matter of seconds) and that’s enough for most players to be half a kilometer ahead :grin: (I sometimes think that some players on that level hit SHIFT 5 times and W when they start the map).

For me this is no problem of “getting gud” (ok partially it is) but with missing high level reward/content. I mean, I can understand that people just rush through the level without watching for the team, since it doesn’t matter anyways, there is no incentive to stop that egoistic behaviour if you’re just playing to fight your own boredom and not to actually have a good COOP-experience. That’s the downside of playing a repetetive (“loot grinding”) game with no real or missing late game content and a veeeery slooow reacting development.

Btw. the changes to the Weekly Quests are kinda meh imho, it sounds like cherrypicking tbh. If you don’t want to do stuff, just don’t do it, end of story. If you get everything for just doing what you normally do there would be no need for quests at all.

I totally agree with last point.
But about worthless book runs: these runs for challenge like whole cata (which is very fun and is a game goal, at least for me) not for loot, as long as cata runners already have all loot.

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Well that’s exactly the point, there is no incentive anymore to take the books. It was discussed many timeshere before if additional loot for Cataclysm is nessecary or not, i think the conclusion was it’s not because “you play Cataclysm for the challenge” but at some point, when you start to play Cataclysm regularly it might be better to have an incentive to take books.

Just an idea:
Maybe we can get smth. like a “Cosmetic Box” or so as a reward for taking the books. Since there are rumors of FS working on a color picking system it might be possible to let those “Cosmetic Boxes” drop little ink bottles which you can use to change the color of a hat or clothing. But well, then there is the problem that Cataclysm is locked behind WoM and not everybody has access to it and so would have access to the colors aswell and bla… tired of that discussion :yawning_face:

There is: more challenge.
If u want to just play game: u choose recruit to champion difficulties, for loot: legend book runs, for challenge: cata, for even more challenge: full book cata runs. That’s it. It’s my and devs point (they clearly prove that). Stop mix out challenge and progression.

Well there are several opinions regaring this, if you look here: What should Fatshark focus on? I already did that discussion before.

I’m not trying to mix it up, I’m just trying to find a solution for the OP’s problem, without, as i said before, making the whole questing some kind of cherrypicking. So the problem right now is that the questing wants you to carry books and do QP but there are few QP lobbies and players on Cataclysm take no books (and I think the reason for that is, that it’s pointless for most of them, even if your and the devs opinion on that is different)

look at the last line: without having to do the other lame stuff
I mean, that has smth to do with your own approach to the game but also with how the game handles it’s own content. In this case the books, if their only purpose on Cataclysm is to increase difficulty you could simply erase them on Cata and add Cata2 and Cata3 as @se1z said in the other thread i linked above.

After all I was just trying to offer a better way to deal with that problem (not the first time ppl asked for changes regarding the questing, prob. not the last time) and I think it needs to be tackled someday either with changes to how Cataclysm works or to the Questing System. But yeah, might be easier to say “git gud” without any attempt of solution finding :wink:

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the issue is that adding books doesn’t add any sort of interesting new challenge, it’s just the exact same stuff except you get oneshot or near oneshot more often. it’s a pretty terrible way of adding difficulty that just boils down to the same deal as weaves have, where very little is changed except damage is ramped up a bunch.

if it’s intended as the challenge difficulty, add in onslaught events, replace it with cata 2, whatever, but taking books is just reducing build variety, locking people out of using tools (and reducing the skill cap by taking out decisions regarding when to use those tools) and not really requiring any more team work or advanced play, just basic mechanics that are a bit tighter or more defensive.


I just wanted to clarify, you have better options outside of books on Cataclysm to increase difficulty since Cataclysm isn’t about reward in the first place, maybe it is for certain players but Cataclysm wasn’t inteded to be Legend 2.0 in the first place.

By better options I mean: deeds in combination with twitch - which offers a higher challenge than books could ever give you

Sorry for that rant about streamers, that was abit over the line but it just angers me that there are streamers out there that have less experience than other and give the wrong tips.
Not even in a good way but just ‘‘Listen to me I have X amount of hours reee’’

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