Weekly Shilling Reward Change

What’s wrong with players. They expect daily quests to be done in one map and weekly quests to be done in one day.

Doesn’t matter if the current quest objectives aren’t really engaging. You should always have to put some actual effort (ie. time) into doing them.

It’s not a big deal to grind vanilla cata maps for books. I do it every week, with random people even. Especially at the beginning of a week (mondays/tuesdays), there’s a noticable willingness among people joining my games to go for full book runs because of the weekly quests.

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Is this about grims or tomes. Everyone talking generally, tomes are very easy, don’t add anything, just pickup like art. Grims you can just take one, it doesn’t rlly matter just taking one. Also asking if your team wants to take one goes a long way. Also

What @kuli said is true, why do people expect to do weeklies in a day.? Or just do weeklies that are ‘kill rats’ which are just braindead because you do that anyway. I do agree that most or all weekly quests are boring, atleast for players in cata who played alot already. Books are zzzzzz, critters, fun for the first time, then it gets boring, art zzzzzzzz, qp zzzzzz, kill elites :/. It doesn’t require me to do anything, i just press qp, play a game, run around a bit picking stuff up, killing enemies, and i did 3 quests at once. Where are the real challenges, the real quests, things i have to do differently? Where are the coop challenges? Like imagine having a challenge like ‘ledge a boss with your team’. ‘kill a horde in under 2 minutes’. Would it be hard to code? Maybe. They can combine braindead things like quickplays with a coop challenge. Like having 1 coop mission be active for all players and then show them on a sidebar ingame or something so players can see what challenges to do.

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This actually wouldn’t be hard to code honestly
Since main paths are hard coded, same as ledges hence why ledge hanging (when you fall off and hang of a ledge) is a seperate function.
Also the trigger outside the map has a set damage value of 8129 damage points I think or something, don’t quote me on this one - which could also be triggered that way.
So you either say ‘‘hey game, every boss that is killed outside the mainpath count that as boss ledged’’
Or any boss that is triggered by a kill trigger with amount over X (for example 8000 damage points) count that as ledged or all of them at the same time.
There are quite a few possibilities to define bosses as being ledged.

Agreed. Books, critters, art all just slow down the game and the Weekly Event is just out-and-out trash. They should just replace the quests with “complete X games”. X is the same for all players regardless if you own no DLC and get 400 shillings or all DLC and get 750 shillings - I’ve always wondered why people that have spent more on DLC are expected to grind more every week. And don’t penalize players that play in pre-made teams by requiring “quick play” games - let people play the game the way they like.

I like some of these ideas, but keep in mind that quests are one thing and challenges are an other. Broadly speaking challenges are challenging things you do - usually once - for an extra reward. Quests are part of the gameplay loop, expecially now the emporium is overflowing with items (compared to the amount of shillings you can earn), so they are just a way to measure you playing the game.
I like challenging myself in vermintide, but it would probably be unfair to the casuals to make those quests harder.