Daily Quest Question

Does anyone know how many time can these Daily Quests stack up to? I have been busy and don’t have time to play everyday so it would be great if I could play 1-2 games and complete many quests to get the rewards.

Would assume it stacks to the three it shows you can have but i could be wrong.


3 is the maximum i’ve seen. Which brings me to my next question, why there aren’t 3-6 missions each day, like it was in V1? :upside_down_face:


It only stacks to 3 and you get only 1 new one per day. Which really sucks, the V1 format of 6 new ones a day was much better.


Thank you for the information guys!

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To be honest, i think the quest right now are really boring.
Most of them i complete without even looking on the questboard.
It is just a free emperors chest from time to time and so far i never got something interresting from such a chest, since im playing on legend. So right now i wouldn’t even mind if there wasn’t a quest system at all.
But im pretty sure we will get more quests and especially more interresting quests some time later.

Later? In VT3?

That would suck of course XD
When i look at the quest system we have right now, i get the feeling they ran out of time.
So i really hope for more interresting quests.
Right now they are not challenging at all. I want something like this:

Quests that offer a additional challenge.