More daily challenges

Just wanted to suggest adding more daily challenges. So far I have only been getting ONE per day which isn’t lasting me very long. Would be great to have more.


Also, the reward is kinda uninspired.


Yeah maybe some difficulty specific challenges. Those of us who play legend would love a legend specific challenge for a vault reward.


I was beyond disappointed to see it lacked the same functionality of the Bounty Board in VT1. Being able to pick 1 of 3 potential guaranteed rewards then work towards it while getting character buffs and dust was a pretty critical element of the game.


The qurrent quest system, unlike the one in VT1 and many other games, doesn’t make me feel like I have to check everyday what is going on, or worse, like I need to do it everyday just so I can keep up. That I appreciate. But when I do check in everyday, having only one new quest (and the kinds of Quests we find) also doesn’t really direct my playing like the ones in VT1 did, and feels kind of dull.

It was proposed practically as soon as the update came out, but it might be a good idea to increase the full slots for quests to 5 or so (to keep us from needing to log in everyday), and add another one to the daily rotation (to two each day, to give us a bit more direction and incentive to actually pursue the quest instead of just going “meh, it’ll happen on its own”).


5 per day would be better. You’re not “missing out” if you can’t do them all, just do as many as you can and let others who are more dedicated have enough to do.


I think right now you don’t get enough Quests, the Quest’s are kinda boring and the rewards are disappointing.
Already made a post about that too.

If my suggestions are to specific, you might prefer this idear:
Behead 40 enemies with a sword.
Kill 5 Gas rats with a headshot.
Make 300 Boss damage with melee.
Kill 8 CW’s.
Kill 5 Berserkers with melee
Make 2500 damage with pistols.
Make 30 bomb kills.
Kill 30 enemies with barrels.

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It’s not really about the need to do something, it’s the feel of it. When a game gets me to feel that I should log in for the day, even when I know I don’t have to, I start resenting that game for blatantly manipulating me. I play games for fun, I don’t want them to nag or manipulate me into playing them. It’s one of the reasons I dislike a lot of mobile games.

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It kept me coming back. Nearly. Every. Single. Damn. Day. I even had a bloody discord set up just for me and a small few friends just so we could coordinate together what we’d be doing and when… whether we’d have enough people and if someone would join the guys/girls that didn’t get in with the full groups to help them get it too… Just like I have now, but there’s a big lack of goals to coordinate FOR… so there’s very little use being made of it that way. It’s essentially just a grouping / easy voice comms server than anything now, which I suppose is fine too.

And can I just be that guy and add once more that I miss the creepy suspense and cozy feeling of VT1? I don’t mind a hordegrinder game but I’d really like a bit more variety between what I’m facing rather than everything together everytime, and I know ‘‘the AI director spaces out the level and sees what it’ll spawn’’ but a lot of the time it’s always the same trigger-point areas, once you learn those you’re quickly going to run out of surprises. ‘‘Oh be careful here, we might trigger a boss, let’s wait for horde.’’ I’m really sorry to say this but I’m tired of waiting for the horde…

I know it’s off-topic but to me it’s related because that slight suspense and the more ‘‘sneaky’’ feeling of VT1 was really fun and exciting in terms of bonding with friends.


The chest should start with a champion general chest…

Upon completion a new challenge will appear with a champion emperor…

Then a soldier vault
Then gen vault
Then emp vault

At this point you can have a series of increasingly harder dailies that reward 1 or more emp vaults…

This system will then reset daily back to the champion general chest.

If you allow a video game to manipulate you, you have more important issues to sort out.

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I think you’re missing my point here.

Media is trying to manipulate us all the time (Or rather, people are trying to manipulate us through media). Usually that is somewhat subtle: “These are the good points of our product, you should buy it”. In this category are games that get us to play them by just being that good. Sometimes, it gets more overt: “we didn’t mention these troubles with the product on purpose, and you certainly won’t see its price before you go to the store”. This is where (in my opinion) some pay-to-win games are: “You can get everything in the game just by playing, but its easier if you pay us more.” And then there are the extremely blatant ones. I can’t think of an advertising example beyond US presidential campaigns and their dirt-throwing, but in games, these are the allegedly free ones, and some of the previous type: “This game is in theory free to play, but you need to cough up some cash if you want to do everything or actually advance”; “Here’s a reward if you log in every day, but you need to do it for a month to get anything worthwhile”. They, I despise. Partially for just being that blatantly manipulative, but also because that hides and partially overrides any real merits the game might have. It doesn’t matter whether I actually need to or not, feeling that I should log in every day detracts me from actually playing and enjoying the game.

Daily quests and contracts worked well in VT1: There were five new ones each day, but only two of those were significant ones (and it was a while before I could with any kind of reliability do one of them). I also could do those significant ones another day if I couldn’t get my friends online today, and if needed, I could just pop up to three of them that I liked to be reserved for another day. You also got the Quests, which could give you significant rewards, but those significant ones were (and are) rare, and weren’t done in a day. Now, in VT2, there are no long-term Quests, only the short-term ones. And while their rewards aren’t that great or significant, it’s still more loot, and that means more chances to get something worthwhile. That they also stack up to three, one each day, means I have no obligation or the feeling of one to even check on them every day. If they were to be filled completely every day, I would get the feeling that I want to at least check them, and likely play a few round just to get the rewards and make room for the next day. This isn’t good, I should play a game because I want to, not because I feel that I should. The rewards are still small enough to ignore, but there is still the chance for something significant, and that causes the feeling of potentially missing something. And besides, after missing a few days of playing, what’s one more, or another… until I actually want to play again. Giving a couple of days’ buffer to the feeling of obligation actually helps alleviate it.

Even if the daily reminders and rewards aren’t truly bad game design (they seem to work quite well for a lot of popular mobile games), they are part of very annoying design at least to me. We’ve managed to avoid microtransactions in these games (another nasty method of reaching into your wallet), I don’t want the other blatantly manipulative methods to make it here either.

It’s hard to put all my thoughts and feeling on this (or other things) in text. I still feel I’ve left something unsaid. Oh, well, can’t be helped really.


Sounds like a personal thing and nothing to do with the game. Nobody is forcing you to do anything.

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Sigh. I know no one’s forcing me. I can ignore that, and I do. But just like with other daily stuff, much more important stuff, I hate the feeling that I’m blatantly being “encouraged” to keep doing things. And when something I do for enjoyment, rather than because it’s really a requirement, starts nagging to me, even in just my own mind, I’m more likely to drop that entirely than keep coming back for my “fix”. And when the game otherwise is one I actually enjoy playing, I don’t want want to drop it for minor reasons, but if it makes me annoyed enough, I will. If I do, I won’t be buying any DLCs, and am far less likely to return for other games from the same devs or publisher. One part in this is certainly just on me, and that’s that if someone (or something) starts pushing me somewhere, I don’t go there; I start pushing back.

The reason I seem (and am) quite passionate about this particular point, is that I like this game so much otherwise. At the moment, it’s the fourth most played game in my Steam library, and that is only months after release, not years as the other three. (VT1, Borderlands 2 and Payday 2, fyi.) If there is a significant incentive to sign in daily, it’s a sign to me that corporate greed is rearing its ugly head, and when that happens, I don’t want to support that game anymore. I see it as a step towards microtransactions and those oh-so-hated paid lootboxes. I do not want that to happen to this game.

I think I’m taking this too personally now, and so, I’ll bow out unless some new points come up. Refer to my earlier post if you want to check my feelings on a bit more general grounds, and thanks if you actually read and understood my rants.

I can agree to most of this but honestly I wish they’d gone with the bounty-board style rather than just ‘‘Here’s more lootboxes’’ which in my eyes is laziness - and if it’s temporary while they work on making it more meaningful then I would’ve been cool with just hearing that.

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Let me just agree with Yzneftamz here.
If people can be upset that newer players get better loot from boxes that they already opened, then it can also be irksome to miss on dailies.
I really appreciate the system they did here, which allows maximum benefit by joining just every three days.
Though I wouldn’t mind a 2/5 system, either, more to do is more to do, and deeds are just a pityful excuse for motivation.
Still, the VT1 style of dailies where the player actually had a choice, and goals to work towards, was definitely better than this dice party.

idk i prefer having lots of stuff to do everytime i log into the game

Aside from that, having only one quest available everytime I log on is kind of disappointing. I thought the timer would reset the quests and add 3 new ones, it only seems to add one and for the underwhelming reward a single daily every day is pretty bland. Either give us few lengthier quests with far better rewards, or many simple quests with the current rewards.

Furthermore, are the “weekly” quests actually weekly? Or are they just event-based? It feels like it’s been more than a week since the Khorne portrait event.

Weekly and dailies would be nice. I was initially very impressed with the direction of the update, it seemed like they were going more in the direction of something like Diablo 3 with Okri’s challenges and the weekly for a new portrait frame.

The dailies are a good start but need improving.

When dailys award chests equivalent to the difficulty you completed them, I will begin to actually care.

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