Daily quests

I think the daily quests are a bit boring right now.
As far as i know you only have to play as a certain character or win a few times.
I would like to see stuff like this:


  • Behead 45 enemys with the executioner sword.
  • Kill 15 Gas rats with the Hagbane shortbow.
  • Make 250 Boss damage with sieannas dagger.
  • Kill 8 CW’s with Krubers sword and shield.
  • Kill 10 Berserker with dual Axes.
  • Make 5000 damage with drakefire pistols.
  • Make 30 bomb kills.
  • Kill 30 enemys with a fire barrel.
    and so on.


to this:

  • Behead 40 enemies with a sword.
  • Kill 5 Gas rats with a headshot.
  • Make 300 Boss damage with melee.
  • Kill 8 CW’s.
  • Kill 5 Berserkers with melee
  • Make 2500 damage with pistols.
  • Make 30 bomb kills.
  • Kill 30 enemies with barrels.

In order to prevent that players have to compete against each other, players shouldn’t get the same daily quests. It’s already done that way in the game Dauntless for example.
There are 55 weapons in the game. if there are at least two diffenrent quests for each weapon, that can be completed on different difficulty’s, i think its very unlikely to get matched with a player with exactly the same quests.

If there are weapons that are not legend viable (Krubers one handed sword or sword and shield?), then there shouldn’t be quests where you have to use them on legend.

Also there should be quests in three different difficultys like i suggested later in this post.

What do you think?


While a nice idea I think they may be too specific and may cause frustration for the more casual playerbase. E.g. People with limited hours to spend on the game compared to people that have a few hours to kill every day or so.

Consider keeping the concept but generalizing them more like I did above. I get your desire for more focused quests but with vt2’s nuance of many classes and specializations you’ll be forcing people into certain situations they may simply not enjoy at all.

If they had to deal fire damage instead of drakefire pistols for example, then they could use either sienna, bardin or firebarrels/bombs.
Changing it to “pistols” gives choice between saltpyre and ironbreaker.

Changing it to “swords” would give people a pool of weapon to pick from too.

I hope it makes sense, had to write this on my phone cause I just got off work. Been seeing people suggest stuff for quests but try to balance it between veterans while keeping it accessible for casual people as they help keep the game alive too! Excluding them would be troublesome c:



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Sure it would be hard but it is supposed to be a challange after all :smiley:
But numbers can be tweaked of course.

Yeah im fine with youre idear.
As long as they are still challenging.
I think everyday you should get three different quests.

One with a very high difficulty that rewards you with a vault.
challenges in this category have to be managed in one run.
For example: Behead 25 elites in one run with a sword.

Hight difficulty. Behead 40 enemys in one run with a sword.
reward is a commendation chest.

Normal Difficulty. Behead 40 enemys with a sword.
rewards a general chest.


I like the idea. The pool of available quests in VT1 ended up fairly large but only seen 4 or 5 different things in VT2 so far. Variation is a great way to spice things up.

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In V1 I epecially liked the bomb kill and damage avoidance quest’s.
It was just fun to have an additional goal when completing a level.

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