Please Actually do Weekly "Event" Rewards

The “Event” quest is a lil ridiculous right now in that it’s kinda pointless because you’re not using it. Please have this reset weekly and make the reward be a random Veteran weapon or cosmetic, just like you did in VT1.


Seconded, the main thing missing from challenges is a way to earn specific things. A weekly event for a specific thing would make many players happy!


Good idea! Heck…would be happy if they threw portrait frames into the mix too!


Anything but more empty boxes. Make it a specific veteran item as suggested above.

To end game players every box is basically 98% empty to be salvaged. Now sitting with +999 scrap, +999 green, +999 blue and more orange than I need.


Also, why implement this whole daily and weekly system to leave it deserted of things to do. 1 per day… are you joking? Not only are you not using the weekly but 1 contract per day is not worth logging in for.

Could you please look back on what you did right in v1 and implement it here? It almost feels as if nothing learned in what made v1 good was brought across sometimes.


Honestly, this is exactly the vibe im getting. They had this game which they molded into something close to perfection, with many things to work on and notes to take. But then they make a sequel that at its core is the same game with more neatures and content, but they make so many mistakes they already made in the first game its mindboggling.


And maybe some nice community events, like kill 25000 elites?


Shared among the player base? That’d be cool.

Yeah, many games do those kind of things. It could get really insane considering the number of enemies in VT2 :slight_smile:

I say/said it every time, implement the bloody “Bounty Board” into V2, FS.

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Community events would be AWESOME. Also, yeah, a weekly where you don’t get a box but a specific item would be swell indeed. Could even be a weekly for each hero, or heck, each carreer.

Totally agree - weekly events - awesome!

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