Weekly event reward suggetio

Cause it usually takes much more tome to complete level with challenge active pls reward players with extra experience gained. I beleive x1.5-x2 is a good amoumt

XP is a fairly poor reward. Giving you a reward for something you won’t even open is fairly pointless (I, along with many others, have stopped opening chest purely because it’s pointless once you’ve got the builds you want.)

Giving a temporary buff (like the old contracts did in VT1) would be better - a little reward for completing it.


Didn’t they mention something about character portraits for a reward? They said rewards were coming, probably with the March 8th update.

Edit: and yea, I normally open my vaults once a week now just to try and get more deeds. Wait until I have 50 or so and do them all at once each week.

I, for ex, stoll dpnt have lots of hats, so at least more xp for more time spent sounds fair enough to me

Why not just include a commendation chest for completion?

Its kinda same

I think the weekly mutator should be there solely for the challenge and fun, so no extra reward should be included. Maybe something nice through Okri’s Challenges later down the line, but no more than that.

That said, currently the mode works like Quickplay: the game is always public, and the map is random. As such, the half-a-loot level Quickplay bonus really should be there, if only for consistency’s sake.


So you think extra xp for extra time and difficulty is not fair? Its not fun denying btw

I think most people who would farm it, are doing it for the challenge. Even the hardest deeds on twitch mode with the settings changed in the text doc to 5/5 seconds still aren’t a challenge for some guys.

But as I said, FS has said that we are getting rewards for it. They just haven’t been added in yet.

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It’s not about fairness. Certainly, if a “fair” outcome is wanted, some extra reward belongs there. But the way I see it, that mode is there for fun and challenge, and to add variance to the game. I don’t think there should be a significant reward (and 150%+ EXP is significant) for that level of play, as I think people should play whatever mode and difficulty they feel suitable for them, not what gives the best rewards.

If there was a big reward for doing the Weekly Challenge, it would entice people to try it even when they really can’t achieve it. While in private play it’s everyone’s own business how well or badly they fare, when they play with strangers it’s at least polite to not overextend - and the Weekly Challenge is public automatically. Yes, you have to learn through challenges, but I think that challenge (at least when it’s for entertainment) should come purely from the player’s own choices, not from goading to it by promise of more or better rewards.

Also, as the challenge changes every week, so does its difficulty and a change that’s difficult enough to be worth something extra won’t be there the next week. The next one might be easier, harder or just different.

In general, I don’t think rewards other than bragging rights rewards should be locked behind additional difficulty in games. That’s why I was quite well on board when Veteran items were released to Commendation Chests and Champion difficulty. Yes, I know fairness is another point of view, and that’s defensible, but when we play games for entertainment, I think everyone should have equal access to all the content, despite skill differences.

…I feel like I still can’t get my thoughts out clearly enough. Oh, well, can’t be helped.

well i for one demand a tiny golden duck that follows me around like a pet, it should collect med packs and str pots for me and quack happily when i do friendly fire
this demand is non-negotiable it has to happen

to be on topic still, the rest of you can get xp and hats and what ever you wish aslong as i get my tiny duck

to be abit more on topic, a nice new frame would be welcome

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A New frame every week? wow.

Also it should probably be a nurgling instead of a duck.

Finally, I’m just happy things get changed every week now. I’m considering putting in some kind of request to have a way to rapidly switch between builds. Maybe have 5 buttons for builds and clicking each one changes the build automatically. Changes the talents/trinkets/weapons etc to suit whatever I’m attempting rather than having 1 build-fits-all like we do now.

Bring on the Mutators that recreate each of the great Skaven clans! Clan Pestilens should be quite an easy mutator to put in as their troops are quite well represented anyhow. In fact, this is another post in the making…

with a new frame, i didnt mean one every week, more like : x-amount equals a frame for example

tbh (apart from my strpot collecting pet) i would be happy with zero rewards

I highly doubt it’s gonna be a reward every week. It’s most likely going to be a clear so many Weekly Events to unlock something. And they stack up over time. Who knows tho…

Still extra reward wont deny any fun or challenge. Yes, may be it would force some players to play challenge, cause it have some sort of reward, but as someone mentioned, it already confirmed that challenge will have reward sometime. So what then?

About fun and challenge. For people playing regular legend it wouldnt be fun, it would be a challenge. For guys, running twitch deeds it would be neither, until twitch linked, which will mean, that it is just another deed modifier kind of, without any extra loot chest as a reward.

And only for tiny tiny group of people, which cant find any constant groups, which runs deeds, twitch, and mostly play legend, but still good enough to run any sort of play game can provide. And then, when they got Sigmar blessing and join the lobby, which cancels quickplay, start a deed, or quickplay with twitch mod it would be some sort of both challenge and fun. Cause regular quickplay is no more fun, when you ran it like million time.

Deeds are no fun for me btw. For me they feels like, i dont know, “if you knocked, you are dead” kind of game most of time. They are pretty much like that new secret level, you are shitten at by game all the time, no matter what you do.

Challenge (this one) and twtich gives you a break between loads on your head, which makes it feel good

This is glorious. Never before have I seen the AI director going mad summed up so well in 6 words.

I love to swear, its in mah blood man, cyka blyat

I hope @Fatshark_Hedge will know what it means in Russian :confused:

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