Why is there no reward for doing weekly?

What was the thinking behind that??


“The fun is the reward” or something like that.

Granted, I’ve enjoyed most of them and found them worth playing for the fun. But the last two have just been frustrating without any added entertainment value.

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Fatshark is trying out which to use and how to properly balance them by listening to player feedback and other data like overall playtime for the upcoming addition of Lohners Emporium of Wonders. This will include some kind of in-game currency which can be earned through weeklies, and an in-game shop where you can spend them for cosmetics.
Sure, some info about that would have been nice, as most don’t scour the internet to find those infos.
I’ll link you to a reddit post for some news:


AFAIK it will have a reward system at some point. But I think they could at least give you the quickplay bonus since the map is randomized.

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You can QP it just like deeds.

And to OP, yea, like the others said. There will be a reward, SoonTM

You mean the thing you need three people for? One to put up the thing you want to do, one to not accept too soon and one to switch it to qp?

Really convinient

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You only need 2 people. One puts it up, then gets ready to QP it while the other hits accept.

Gotta agree with @Haxorzist, really not a solution. Might be simple enough with two people, but for the majority of people who are playing actual quickplay with randoms… yikes.

Its called dev knows nothing just as the northern king ever been.

Seems a bit harsh to say that the developers “know nothing” simply because there’s no (current) reward for doing a weekly event.

I’m all for adding a Commendation Chest as a reward for doing them as a temporary measure until Lohner’s E.O.W comes online, but at the end of the day, you play the weekly event because you want to play it.

…also, what’s a “northern king” to do with this?


Lord snow i mean

You talking about Game of Thrones or something? lol?

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