Weekly mutator should give us much more reward

just finished alone on legend 2 times yet all i got is ordinary vaults.

p.s. i think its easier than plain legend however.

If you think it’s easier, why should it give more reward?

I actually think it’s a great move to have it not give any bonus. If it did, people would be grinding it - as it is, if you’re playing it, it’s because you WANT to play it.


cuz its weekly event right?
nothing speical for dear event?

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My weeklies are empty after this update and have been for a few weeks now that there are no Bogen chests left. Why are some people getting no new weeklies?

You have obtained all bogen cosmetics that you can get from chests so you no longer get weeklies.

I don’t get the “easier than legend”. Have you ever killed a sackrat? :wink:
I think the reward is broken. They are planning cosmetics via these weeklies, but at the moment they said we’d get regular chests. We aren’t getting even those though. We finished one, and there was just the single regular vault for the completion, absolutely nothing extra.

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They said they’d work towards introducing more specific missions/rewards at least, but that wasn’t planned to be implemented in this release.

Try running twitch int. on the weekly. Getting sack rat spawns in an event turns it into a minefield. Good fun :stuck_out_tongue:


i completed a legend with bots only.
so i dare say its easier. less enemies - although they split up.
all you need is a horde control.
sadly i havent killed a single sackrat yet though i slain several monsters.

Well that’s trash.

Let’s reward our most frequent players with absolutely nothing but a painting collection grind that gives them carbon copies of the loading screen for each map as a painting instead of interesting new designs.

I’m actually glad to hear we get the carbon copies of the loading screens. XD
My beef with it was that so far the pictures had nothing to do with vermintide, just warhammer material (like the shadows over bogenhafen picture)

On the other hand, it would be nice to get the lootbox crowd in on it. It’s a bit hard to find legend games where I am.

Hey, I posted this to another forum post, but I think it is relevant here as well in case people don’t check the other post.
Have you filled out the feedback survey that FS posted? When I completed it, it asked about what sorts of mutators you want to see. If you’ve got a moment, I’m sure they’d appreciate the feedback, & it couldn’t hurt to put your opinion into the lot. The survey link is available on the following steam forum link.

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I think at the very least the games should count as Quick Play, since the matchmaker is the only way to start or join a mutator match. That would increase the loot potential by half a bar so you don’t have to play at a penalty. Also it will prevent me from having to play twice the number of matches to complete my daily quests.


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