The point of weekly events

There isn’t. Adding a new challenge and not adding a new reward for it is such a pointless idea. You essentualy go through a basic map, but without a quick play bonus for loot. Higher difficulty -> lower reward -> Fatshark making a fool of themselfs again. Even if we’ll get some “cool” new portrait frames for completing mutators later there is no point in playing it now 'couse it won’t count. Enjoy!

It looks like they were jealous of the mods players created - which basically existed in V1, so it was reasonable to expect them to show up here too - but they didn’t have the initiative to build them into the game early on, and now, with some bs excuse they appropriate them. But even then, the only do it half assed, with minimal effort just to make something quickly, making it worse than the original was.
While I liked the twin mutator, it was flawed in the way that enemies had no delay on their attacks, and they were spawned on the wrong side of ledges.
The darkness mutator is just slapping the darkness on the whole level, with only one torch (should be 4) and NO f*cking ambient lights, when they are on the walls but give 0 light. Looks simply ridiculous.

I can’t speak for everyone, but after getting the gear I wanted, I now tend to play for fun rather than loot. You make a fair point in that I think quickplay bonus should apply, however, the increase in difficulty is rewarding in itself for those who can breeze through legend (not claiming I am part of this group but with a decent group you should be able to consistently complete it).

Just because they didn’t come up with the idea/were able to implement it in the first place, doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. The addition of good ideas to the game will only increase its longevity. I would be angrier if they decided to not implement good ideas from modders, just because they didn’t come up with it themselves.

I haven’t had a chance to try out the new dark mutator but I imagine it will do something similar to the meta, in that people will be forced to try new builds and see the game in a new…light (intended pun there, deal with it :sunglasses:).


I don’t know how the actual behind-the-scenes but adding mutators to the quick play pool might man anyone could join it. I’ve had some real bad times joining when the torch is miles away.

Just give us another torch!

I agree that the Quick Play bonus should be applied to the mutator; it’s sort of odd that they make it provide the same rewards as a private match but make it open for anyone to join.

I don’t think it’s a foolish idea to have it without rewards past that, though. It doesn’t need to reward any additional boxes or provide any achievements; the reward is in the difficulty IMHO :slight_smile:

I’m one of these people who doesn’t really care about loot or cosmetics or whatever, so I really like that they’re adding things that mix up the main gameplay. Seems everyone agrees that the quickplay bonus should apply to it though. I hope they fix that up.

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