A suggestion on keeping player doing the same maps

This could be called a Deed rework.
Except it is not.

First off, Deeds get out.
Now a new option is tickable on Quickplay, called Nightmare mod.

Nightmare mod put you on a classic QP (same difficulty level as before), but at the start of the game, 1-3 deeds modifier a randomly rolled and applied to your run.
Finishing it grant you, either a second loot crate (double loot), either a Nightmare crate, which contain stuff, I haven’t think about it yet.
Okri’s Challenge counter for deeds will become counter for Nightmare mod.

  1. This is good for player finding Legend easy, it add difficulty at with a random generator.
  2. This is good for player farming dust or trying to get loot because they get more loot.
  3. This is good for new players grinding Hero Power because more loot = faster increase.
  4. This is good for the “We want player to play quickplay” because it’s now a tickable under quickplay, more likely to be ticked and played by casual player, and it makes party making for this mode easier (finding a group for deed is horrible).
  5. This is good for content adding cause you can just throw new rules and player could get them in Nightmare (mods on the Workshop could be turned into Nightmare rules, like total dark, barrel invasion, 30s lifetime, extended by kills, etc, instagib).
  6. Only touch a few people, but this could turn Twitch mode into a true Cataclysm (saw what I did there ?) XD

If Fatshark still want to have “deeds” lootable, they could instead put keys that allow you to chose your modifiers instead of randomly generating them.

I know this was explained a bit fast, so please ask me before overreacting <3
Hope this is a good idea, I’d play it :3


I won’t even get into how it’s a terrible idea because you’re asking shartfart to rework something. Especially if it’s something that, by some miracle, actually functions most of the time.

The main issue here is that you’re asking them to introduce RNG that will require gaming around it. The current list of mutators - and please don’t say that you expect them to rework/add more, that’s just too funny - is a very mixed bag. Some are plain un-fun and add little to the actual game (Abduction), some are significantly easier than others ( Nurgle’s Rot), some are absurdly difficult (B2B, Harder Faster).

Chances are, a system like this will offer rewards good enough that you’ll want to play it for progression purposes… if you get the right modifiers. Which you’ll then opt out of constantly. Because you want one of multiple specific combinations. Meaning you rely on RNG to even start an ‘optimal’ run. And by ‘you’ I mean the average munchkin powergamer who doesn’t care about ‘having fun’; for them, ‘having fun’ is doing what’s ‘optimal’, and if anything is out of order, they won’t play ball.

And don’t even get me started on what this’d do to the matchmaking.

I like the core concept of what your suggesting, another idea to add to this is make them a useable item like deeds but call them something like nightmare deeds where everything is random when you start and it’s used up if you quit, win or fail so many times in a row,

This would need changes to matchmaking of course, so that when you die you just restart instead of going back to the keep. You could get one every day or so as a log in bonus and have a cap to how many you can hold in your inventory.

This is one thing I didn’t really though about (I wrote this just as the idea popped into my mind so I haven’t though a lot xD).
Tbh an easy goes around is to have a lootable item necessary to play this Nightmare mode. But… This destroy entirely my 1st point, player finding Legend easy will still be stuck in Legend if they don’t have a key.

Fatshark CAN rework their system tho, I don’t see how it’s a bad idea to ask them to rework something.

I don’t really get in what way it will break it ? Sure, this can mean less people to play with but… This is not something coming right off, and we got quite a lot of new player with the free weekend I reckon (not entirely sure, haven’t checked steam stats).

Do you want to have to wait for 20+ minutes to fill a lobby? Cause that’s how you can get there. That, and shartfart’s incompetence. I’m not pulling numbers out of my cavities, this IS how long you had to wait for a lobby to fill during the darkest days of V1. We ain’t in a position to introduce a new mode that is designed to compete with quickplay.



pick one. The devs aren’t very good at making things work, okay? It’s been long enough that we should probably realize this fact. They have strange ideas, and they have very strange ways of implementing even the simplest fixes. Daily reminder that this is a dev company with little to no communication or even version control.

The last thing we need is them touching things that already sort of kind of work for what they are. Because it’s a 50/50 chance it’ll be worse than before after they’re done with it. We should probably just give up on the promise of Deeds being a truly involved, unique, interesting game mode (t h e y c o u l d e v e n b e m a p s l o l !!!) and settle with what we’ve got.

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