Add DLC missions as possible maps for deeds

Just a small suggestion.
I think it would be nice if it were possible to acquire deeds for the DLC maps in chests (as long as you own the DLC of course) so we could play those maps with modifiers too



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Well you can, as long as they didn’t remove the bug. Load up a deed, then have another person in the keep do a quick play. The map will be random with the deed modifiers. But then again, it’s only a chance to get the DLC map and not another random one.

Using this method the players still get the deed reward and 1 added to the book towards the deed frames?

Also I’m not understanding this. How can a person in the keep do a quickplay if they’ve already accepted a deed and the portal is ready to go? Does the deed get consumed on completion as normal?

Yep its still just a 1 count towards your deed frames. It just puts the deed on a random map, doing double damage, double health deeds on blightstormer was interesting lol. You can also start twitch mode by putting in a random 24/7 music twitch name. Then you have random twitch modifiers every 30 seconds if you want that extra challenge as well. But as I said, each person can only do one thing. So the person starting twitch won’t be able to put a deed or do the quick play.

Haven’t tried this since the latest patch, hopefully it still works.

I still don’t get how multiple people in the keep can start up different maps at the same time.

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