Revival of the Bounty Board!

My friends and I immensely enjoy the game! We’ve logged so many hours in the first one, and we’re continuing the trend with the second! (One of my friends has 100hrs on V1, and already 30hrs on V2)

We loved doing bounties, and would like to see those come back. It was one of the more lasting features of the first one that kept us playing it for its entirety. Heroic Deeds are fun, but just giving us more random lootboxes is unappealing to us… we like seeing different rewards for different quests. Like a weekly bounty, and daily bounties, and seeing “Oh hey this is something I’m working toward, everything else is random!” It gave us a level of control over our own progression, even if it was minor, while the loot was randomized.

Not to mention as I scanned the topics here seeing everyone complain about “not enough green dust”… I mean bounty board would kill that bird with the same stone, too… Seeing as how every day you’d see a which bounty would give you green, blue, or orange dust, and their difficulty level.

As far as bounty boards taking away from Quick Play and the matchmaking system, they don’t have to be map specific. “Kill 100 Skaven”. “Kill 20 things with a bomb”. “Collect 2 grimoires”. “Play 3 Quick Match games”. “Play 5 Quick Match games”.


The Heroic Deeds are supposed to be the system replacing it but it’s lackluster (and bugged) currently so we’ll have to see what else they do with it in the future. Absolutely agree that getting only one (or two in the worst cases) extra boxes for some exceedingly difficult runs is too little and more could be included.


It would be nice to see them offer X amount of orange dust, or special chests that have a small percentage of dropping cosmetics–something like that. I’d even settle for them being special chests that have a high orange weapon drop rate. But, as it stands, there’s little point to them.

The Bounty Board was so much better than those heroic deeds.

… And literally the most important motivation in “end - game”.

Logging in with big expectations everyday alone was already worth it.

Please bring back the bounty board

come on fatshark, add some dailies to this game please :'O