Please Add a VT1-Style Bounty Board + Additional Rewards

Okri’s Quests gives us virtually no reason to log in if we weren’t already going to, especially if you’re a Legend player. Please incorporate VT1’s exact bounty board system wherein we choose a prize from a rotating selection then unlock it by collecting keys from the 5 constantly shifting challenges in addition to temporary stat boosts and crafting materials.

Additionally, the game needs a better reward system more appropriate to encouraging player retention. There’s really not much that’s unique or special about Reds in VT2, especially compared to Reds in VT1. I feel it would be prudent to add, as a potential Bounty Board reward, a new tier of equipment quality that has either: a) marginally (1-2%) better stat potential; or b) Otherwise impossible property combinations (like the Reds in VT1). This would give people a reason to log in and something to aspire to that isn’t getting humped by RNG day after day. More impressive weapon cosmetics + a different colour glow effect to distinguish them from current reds would also be a stroke of genius.


How long are we saying “we want the Bounty Board back!”, at every damn Opportunity.

I think FS will bring the Bounty Board back into the Game as they release/open the Trohpy Room.


I agree that Okri’s Quests are pointless. If you compare it to other games with a quest system (like say Hearthstone), VT2’s quests are an order of magnitude less rewarding per gametime spent. Just make the quest board give 3 quests a day dropping commendation chests already. Then the reward would be more in line with other games.

But the bounty board of VT1 doesn’t work well for VT2. In VT1 you have a significantly reduced drop rate (1 item per game for a random character), no ability to craft specific items, and rare trinkets with unique properties. Effectively you were stuck behind RNG until you got the item you wanted (even a white/green/blue weapon to upgrade) to then begin the rerolling process for specific traits. Some players never saw certain trinkets.

In VT2 you can instantly craft any item in the game starting at like level 12, and then just have to grind through RNG to reroll what properties you want. A bounty board would largely be useless for the vast majority of items (any greens/blues/oranges) because you’d have to reroll the properties anyway. You could make bounty board items have maxed rolls, but those are just reds you can’t reroll (so either garbage or best in slot). That leaves reds and cosmetics, which would better fit into a system of 1 or 2 weekly quests instead of a bounty board. As far as the other VT1 bounty board rewards, the buffs didn’t make sense, and the gem rewards aren’t necessary anymore because VT2 has a dust converter (and dust is more common in general).

I’m fine with the endgame being largely cosmetic collection (i.e. reds aren’t more powerful than oranges) as it lowers the endgame bar for newer players. I’m just not fine with cosmetics being super rare and reds being mostly duplicates.

At the moment, most of Okri’s Challenges are indeed somewhat pointless, being at least somewhat grindy, some more so than others. The ones I see as interesting are the enemy-specific ones (for Bosses, Lords and Specials) and level-specific ones. Even a few of those have been completed through normal play, without special attempts.

While I’m not sure if VT1’s system is absolutely better and especially if I want it copied here, the Contracts in it (compared to the current dailies) have somewhat larger (or at least more interesting) variance. And… It has the longer-term Quests too, which allow us to work towards certain stuff, to choose what we get and to fill up the gaps in our Inventory.

I think things like the longer-term goals should be added to the current system, not change the system to the old one. It’s a decent base that can be enhanced. One point of enhancement would be the addition of VT1’s Quest-style rewards and long-term goals (borrowing directly from there, a quest that gives a predetermined reward, changing daily but lockable to a certain one, requiring at least a couple of days’ effort, likely more as in VT1). Another would be adding more interesting variance to the dailies. And a third, adding more interesting Challenges, likely one that support (and teach) a few different playstyles for different careers. Blocking a lot of attacks as Ironbreaker, landing the finishing hit on bosses as Shade, catching at least ten enemies in a single spell as Battle Wizard (many times over, of course)… Stuff like that. Those would be good spots to add more cosmetic rewards, too, including nice, unique Illusions.

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I miss having difficulty completing contracts. Sometimes you couldnt find that last chest, the bloody bots took too much special damage, or someone died at the last second.

Havent had a problem completing a single quest in V2. At any point. Feels lacklustre and uninteresting.


I miss working towards things that would only take 15-20 games tops over a week or so. Grinding RNG or against a large number is supremely unsatisfying.


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