Verm 1 item system was better than Verm 2

I’ve been playing Verm 2 since Xbox beta, and I keep finding myself missing the Verm 1 item system. I don’t like loot boxes on any game I’ve played that have them. The weapons feel too generic compared to Verm 1 since there are very limited traits. One sword feels like another, where on Verm 1 they had real personality based on the traits you give them.

I really miss the bounty board, since that was a great way to have a goal to play for instead of just grinding random boxes. I also don’t like that there is no way to craft higher power weapons or items. You just have to put on your best stuff, craft something, and hope RNG gives you a higher number than what you have on. I’ve opened hundreds of boxes, got tons of dust and other crafting supplies, but the game keeps me from making better weapons. Experienced players don’t care because they get 300 power items that they can share through all their characters. But the grind up there is a real pain, and has too much RNG. What good is getting 3 items per box when only 1 out of 9 items you get is worth anything? It’s not much better than getting 1 good item every three matches in Verm 1.

I’d really prefer it if you reverted the item system back to the Verm 1 version. But since you’re probably not going to do that, it would be nice if you added a bounty board like Verm 1. Add something where you can pick a randomly generated item from the board, and then do certain missions to earn it. It was a great idea from Verm 1 that is missing in this version. This could also alleviate some of the issues I’ve seen with duplicate red items dropping over and over, and could also let people have a decent chance at getting cosmetic items.

Just my 2 cents.


I think we can all agree that the Vermintide one bounty board is way superior to the current daily and weekly quest system.

This was the real problem for me it’s just handled wrong in my opinion. Vermintide one’s simple system of: Dmg changes with quality allowed for a much faster way to the higher difficulties. Now you have to grind up your every character and gear to play and have fun in legend. I think that this is not going to help this game getting and keeping players quite the opposite.

The core idea of hero power to limit the performance of maxed out players in lower difficulties is a good idea.

That’s really my main point. I have friends who play both PC and Xbox, and they have a real problem with reds duplicating. They’ll have 6 of the same red trinket or weapon, but can’t get a different red weapon after hundreds of hours of grinding. Plus there is less customization due to lack of cosmetic drops. I have a friend that has played like 600 hours on PC, plus a hundred or more on Xbox with us console folks. He’s got almost no cosmetic drops in that time.

A bounty board would solve both of those points. Red items and cosmetics would come into the board from time to time. That would give folks that have been really unlucky with drops a chance to actually get something decent that they might not have.

I feel sorry for my mate who I found out was melting down his reds because he already had duplicates of them… When I told him that they’re gonna probably release some sort of red dust system, well… he raged to say the least lol.

This whole game was done weird. They changed so much on what wasn’t really all that flawed, just needed to buff the tomb dice for a better chance or make it so you could get 4 tombs and 3 grims for “One hit and that’s it” kind of game feel.
We didn’t need power, now the rarity of my weapon feels obsolete other than the ONE SKILL that golds get and oh cool I don’t need to roll for an hour with reds.
You’d be excited to know that there was a chance for a cosmetic right infront of you all you had to do was roll and if you got that number, god damn was that an exciting feeling. Now it’s like, “Wait seriously? 300 hours and I’m getting a cosmetic now?! It doesn’t even look good!”
New enemies which are pretty much just tankier taller rats, the AI doesn’t work different, they just run a straight line to get left clicked.
If they had just focused on giving us awesome cosmetics, the new maps, some new weapons, new enemies, and not worried so much about the loot mechanics… god this would have been so much better.
It’s gotta suck though, watching your entire games community sigh in disappointment at something you worked so hard to fix. I wish they’d just added a realm for modders completely. Our own levels, our own loot, our own drop rates, our own weapons, our own characters… but then I guess no one would play the real game.


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