Motivation / End Game not rewarding

I like Vermintide 2 a lot!
But it’s become very apparent that the End Game is lacking desirable rewards and motivation.

On that note, I painfully realized at some point how important and great the “Bounty Board” was…!!!
it just felt great to login and see what’s to be had. And then do these missions, trying to get the coins.
Clearly working towards something - instead of these Deeds (which you get from a lottery) where you’d only get another lottery chest. I also liked the “tasks” we had to fulfil in these missions - rather than just managing to finish it.
The whole concept of those “heroic deeds” just feels artificial and generic in comparison.

Anyways, what is there to farm for in the endgame?
Drop Chances for red weapons still seem to be very small.
And then they’d only be slightly better than good oranges - if any.

I also noticed that the orange weapon traits are only very few, and mostly not very interesting - to put it mildly.

This also - somewhat - goes for the blue properties - even though this is not a major concern (yet).


Honestly id rather they tweak the current game and build sideways rather than up. The game has a fairly short progression ramp and traits/talents are mainly concerned with letting people have different playstyles. I think it should stay that way.

The primary draw of this game is a fun left 4 dead style gameplay loop, not loot and progression. If you want a satisfying end game system focused around loot…this will not be the game for you. You might check out Warframe for a game that delivers on wave based coop and loot progression. That seems more towards your tastes. The loot and traits will likely improve somewhat in V2, but likely not enough to deliver what you are looking for.

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well - it’s too simple of you to say “Vermintide is not for me”…

I have played Vermintide 1 for a very very long time.
And Vermintide 2 has the potential of being even way more motivating through now available careers.
So I am merely pointing out that Vermintide 1 had the Bounty Board -which was very satisfying to do these tasks for a clear reward - and Vermintide 1 had way more traits and properties on the weapons and gear.

You say that the traits make for different playstyles. Well - it would be cool if that was the case. Do you really think that 25% chance a bomb doesnt get consumed or 10 sec less damage after healing changes your playstyle much? There is way more potential.
More things like “Natural Bond” for example.


ha i mirror your sentiments. bounty board was cool and encouraged people to come back daily, i have faith that the devs will make it return in some form.

i use natural bond all the time, it’s one of the traits that make the game change, as it should be! similar to ammo back on crit or heatsink, it fully changes the approach of a class in combat which is fantastic.

also, the game’s barely out a month, they’re still polishing it, give it some time to shine. meanwhile, enjoy the ride, i sure am!


yes! I am sure they’ll make changes and I am patient.

but the question is: what kind of changes

that’s why I am here. in the hopes more people are missing the bounty board, etc. and will let fatshark know

Also feeling the need for some kind of change. An improvement to the deed system seems the most realistic thing to expect.

My crew keeps trying to use non-meta weapons and classes but with the tight balance at Legend it really just feels like beating your head against the wall.

yes i’m especially sad that the lighter weapons are kinda hard to use in legend due to the necessity for stagger, cleave and armor pen. would really like to use my favourite weapon SnD without so many drawbacks.

in v1 this wasn’t a problem because your weapon had a set number of unarmoured targets it could slice through, but now with it being tied to power, and power being nerfed… there’s some design change that’s needed.

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