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Hi there,

Not sure if I’m the target demo for the game, if not, all’s good if you ignore. I play a lot of rpgs. That said, my fav game of all time is BL1/BL2…anything Borderlands… Vermintide 2 feels a lot like Borderlands without guns in many ways, which is great! If someone had told me that a close combat fp coop would be fun, i’d have been skeptical.

However, after playing for a while, I’ve been growing frustrated over the slog. I’m not averse to grinding out levels and gear, but I feel there’s a lack of diversity in levels, story, play modes, etc. I love the look and ease built into playing, but I’m finding myself booting into other games more and more just because I don’t want to run the same stuff again and again. I’ll stick around for a bit, but I was hoping there’d be more of a draw to keep running these missions. I wish I had some suggestions on how to make things better, but I’ll leave that up to smarter people than me.

TL;DR Fun game… but give me some more gameplay variety and reward. I want to stick around!


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While the general gameplay is indeed somewhat similar to the Borderlands series (One of my favourites, too, btw, with gameplay hours competing with VT1 and Payday 2) with fast pace and encouraged cooperation, some things are quite different. Where in Borderlands, loot and character abilities form a major part of gameplay, here they are a means to an end, the end being enhancing your own skills and surviving ever bigger odds with those skills.

Don’t be discouraged, though: to start, VT2 is half the price of major games. We will get more variance in levels at least with DLC. If the devs grab some of our ideas or just figure out their own, we might get some more weapons. And VT1 got a Last Stand mode at one point (think Survival), and that’s missed by at least some players, so we might get that too. And there’s a lot more to do with Deeds, possibly by tuning them closer to VT1’s Bounty Board (daily quests, if you like).

I could also insert some sappy stuff about the real reward being new friends met through playing with randoms, but I don’t do that, so I’ll leave you to decide about friendship rewards yourself.

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