Overall game feedback from friends

I mostly enjoy this game. I have been missing a simple “lets just kill things with friends game”, but i have one problem… my friends who liked vt1 that convinced me to buy this hate it.

  • They don’t like how few rats they can handle at once on Veteran.
  • The leveling is very boring and unrewarding to them.
  • Most of the skills they debate the value of even using
  • Exploring the game and searching boxes seems pointless and unrewarding to them
  • Most ranged weapon use seems to be underdeveloped in their minds
  • Most items feel like junk
  • Drop rates are laughable to them

I don’t know what to say… they prefer escape from tarkov over this… so I struggle to see difficultly being the issue. I hope the future changes are enough. Without friends I find it very hard to play… which is sad because there are small details that do feel nice.

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So… they liked vt1… and can’t handle a few rat here ?
What did they liked actually about vt1 ? The inn ?
The difficulty is higher, but now you got skills and talents… So overall it’s pretty much the same.
Seeing what they says about, they see Vermintide as a “Slay thing with your friend, kill the most to win, easy to play” while it’s actually “Coop with your friend to survive until the end”
About the point you make (or they make) :
-See above, 3 case here. First, they need to work together and not in competition. Second, they need to check their hero power to see if they’re strong enough. Lastly, if the above is checked, they need to… well… git gud…
-It wasn’t designed to be rewarding as hell tho. It’s already way more rewarding than VT1…
-Balance is missing, but I think it’s coming soon (tomorrow will be a start for example :p)
-It’s kinda sad how you go through map in a forward line to maximise your loot, but if they actually enjoy the game more than the loot… You got a group of friend, just enjoy the view, wander around, it’s a luck to actually not have to play with PU (cause they want to rush obviously)
-Underdeveloped ? In what way ? If it’s “underpowered”, hell nah, it’s too strong actually. If it’s poor choice of weapon, well it’s Warhammer, there isn’t a lot of different ranged weapon you can actually carry on battlefield.
-Items you loot or item on the map ? If it’s item you loot, how comes ? I mean did they get the point of hero power ? If it’s item on the map, well it’s the key to survive, if they feel they are junk and don’t pick them up, no wonder why they die to a few rats :smile:
-Drop rate… I would talk about the poor drop rate of red, but you stated they play in Veteran, and there is not red in Veteran… So I don’t really see what you mean by drop rate… Do they want max power item in a few days ?

Overall I don’t see what you friend liked in VT1 cause a lot of thing was improved from VT1 to VT2. A lot is still bad, some things are even worse, but complain about boring leveling while we had literally no real leveling in VT1 is kinda fun xD

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Honestly, most of the points are simple skill issues, and possibly not being willing to try things out.

A lot of enemies can be taken on and controlled at once, when you know how. Positioning and cooperation is key here. Leveling is boring and… Unrewarding? Really? In VT1, the only thing you got from leveling was two trinket slots. That’s it, there were your rewards. Here, we have new careers and Talents for each of them. And Commendation Chests. Quite a lot more rewards there.

Talents and their values are somewhat questionable, true, but there are some surprisingly good ones. Especially once you start trying out more exotic builds. Some Career Skills take figuring out to use effectively, but once you do, they are very effective at what they do.

Exploring may be somewhat pointless once you find the book locations and a few better-hidden chest and other resources, but Veteran (and Recruit) has quite enough of everything sprinkled about to indeed make chests somewhat redundant.

Ranged weapon use underdeveloped…? Sorry, can’t figure this out. Ranged combat is still dominating the game, although slightly less than what it was. That said, this was never intended to be a shooter game. Melee is supposed to be the primary combat form.

Junk items… Well, inferring from your comments, you haven’t gotten to that high a level yet, and that means low Hero Power and low-quality items. So they will get more relevant. If that means item Properties and Traits, there indeed is disparity, but only very few of them are really useless. (I can only really think of two useless Properties, and even one of them might be useful in highly specific situations.) The percentages might seem insignificant, but those 5 and 10-% adds stack up, and even alone hit some significant points. Drop rates for higher-quality stuff improve as you get to higher character level and difficulty, but some rates will stay quite low. Loot is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

So, in the end, I think you and your friends need to invest some more time here, and start testing stuff to find your fun, or find a simpler and faster-progressing game instead. I might toss a recommendation on the co-op Warriors games for simple Hack ‘n’ Slash, but there are a lot more options. Simple, this game is not.

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Is this a troll thread? If they don’t like V2 for those reasons you listed, they would have hated V1 even more…


Not a troll thread. These two friends played vt1 a lot (I never have). I personally have leveled 2 characters to 30 and the others in the 20’s in VT2. I guess I should have explained better about items and range. When I said items I should have said weapons you get at the end but that is sort of a repeat of drop rate. There was something about the dice in vt1 they liked better. The chance of finding several was one point they made, and the potentially large impact they could have instead of the small impact of the current was another point. As far as reds they know that. But they also know I don’t even have one red despite playing legend a lot when they are not on… so I guess that is all they needed to know. They also claim range was better in VT1. I know I have read about other people making some similar comparisons so I would not think they are completely off. If you like it as it is fine. I don’t know what I want from it. I know I want more… and most of all I want them to play. So this is me share so I have at least tried to do something about it.

On a side note, there are few questions or counterpoints brought up that I never even alluded to so I don’t don’t get the point aka competition… they don’t they do work together. That’s all I have for now. We will see if they play anytime soon.

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Again, if they don’t like VT2 for those reasons, they should have hated VT1. My guess is, they are just tired of the genre and want to move on to other games. Because they’re reasons for liking VT1 over 2 are absurd.

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Was just an idea that comes up, because I tried to figured out why they liked VT1 and hate VT2… Might have been this, seems it’s not :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they have the wrong idea about the game, but they have a point that the ranged combat is very simplistic in VT2. It’s actually okay from the perspective of how it is intended to fit into the game, I think.


simplistic? this boggle da mind

Aside from a few weapons having a ballistic trajectory, the mechanics are just very simple. Compare to most FPS games for instance - Battlefield or PubG or Escape from Tarkov. Those games are solely focused on their ranged weapons, though, and learning to use the more complex mechanics (and many different builds) for ranged in those games would be too complex to fit the needs of VT.

After pondering on it some I suspect cleave was what they meant by the number of rats. Maybe it is now lower than vt1?

Regarding the dice and unrewarding I think they just want some rewarding shiny things to pick up more often.

Those two probably were their top complaints.

Yeah, cleave is overall lower - it scales with your power, so when you first start it will feel much worse than VT1. Once you hit max power (600 by having power 300 gear and being level 30), it is probably comparable to VT1, though maybe a bit lower. Some weapons, like the Executioner’s Sword, got changed hugely; that thing hit all enemies (only damaging the first five but the rest took hitstun), and now it is more limited. But it is a high-damage weapon, so it’s balanced in this way.

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