Motivation to play

Hey there, I’ve been playing the game for some days now. I tried every class, tried most of the guns and played every mission several times.
Two of my chars are level 20+ and I’m kinda getting bored. It feels like I’ve seen everything already. The missions are super repetitive and not really rewarding. I mean you get a (mostly shitty) item in what feels like every 10 missions, some XP and some money. Killing a boss? No reward. Picking up grims? Little bit of XP and money. Also alot of the talents you can pick aren’t really gamechanging or have an impact to your gameplay so there is not even that reason to level up and play missions.
Also the penances for cosmetics are somehow weird. In VT2 there were quests like playing every mission on a certain difficulty. Here it’s some weird ass sh… you most likely have to set up. Just playing the game regularly doesn’t seem to get rewarded. Well… There are the weekly missions. But most of the time those are stuck for me so this doesn’t motivate me either.
In VT2 you got atleast a lootbox for every mission you accomplished and playing on higher difficulties or picking up grims and tomes rewarded you with better chests. In darktide everything feels RNG and tied to a timer. Playing on higher difficulties rewards you with a little more XP more money and MAYBE a better item. The lack of guranteed rewards for doing anything is a bit disappointing.
I know the endgame for some people is getting better at the game and playing higher difficulties, and sure thats def a part of the endgame in the tide games but as I said, the lack of guranteed rewards just doesn’t motivate me to play on higher difficulties regularly.
I really don’t feel like this was worth 40€ and I hope that there is ALOT more content in the near future.
Oh and I forgot, progression on the Ogryn is kinda bad. When you reach level 11 you unlocked every weapon type and you are bound to a very limited arsenal of weapons. Atleast the shop rotation is a bit less painful as there is such a low amount of weapons to chose from.
Don’t get me wrong, the core gameplay and setting is really good but everything else… not so much.


I have the same thoughts, with the reason to do anything above 3. Sure it’s fun to complete, once. If I don’t get anything better for doing higher difficulty, why should I? And I have a friend who played a lot of Vermintide, that would much, much much time in Darktide, but now he is disappointed and wont play. Thats what happens, when you find out there is nothing better to be earned. Very sad about this


Yep, the gameplay is fine. But the “meta” gameplay loop, the gameplay, behind the gameplay is missing. The game needed at least another year in development in my opinion. It needs 2x the missions and at least 3 or 4 more “biomes” for example a mining part of the city, maybe a housing area, a corporate/trading area etc. maybe even some places outside of the hive itself.

Most importantly it’s missing direction. It doesn’t feel like you’re really impacting the Hive infestation at all if you’re on the 101st mission and it is EXACTLY THE SAME as the first mission you did, only more difficult.

They didn’t think this through, it should have been an evolution of Vermintide play but in many ways its a regression. They should have found an endgame of some kind, and a better reward system.

I’m not dissapointed, not really, since it’s still the best 40K FPS I’ve played, but it feels like this game could have been and should have been so much more.


Sooo why did they decide to make Exp worthless after Lv 30 ? In VT2 upon level up you always got a Commendation Chest, even after maxing out at Lv 30. Even if the contents were trash you could always turn them into crafting materials. Here, the only option is to finish levels after collecting literally every material drop…
Stingy, stingy, stingy.


The main reason to play the Tide games has always been the actual gameplay. Unfortunately in my opinion Darktide’s gameplay is vastly inferior to VT2’s, on top of VT2 having better progression and more reasons to grind, but yeah if you don’t find the gameplay engaging enough to keep playing then there’s not much reason to keep playing.


Darktide End-game literally is sitting and waiting for a shop to refresh…

It is so poorly conceived I don’t even know how it wasn’t stopped before it was even implemented…


Yeah, but VT2 always gave you something to do, even when it was grindy as hell.
I like to grind for a stupid hat or something like that but in Darktide there is literally no reason to keep playing after level 30 except the gameplay itself wich sadly gets really repetitive due to the lack of missions, maps, biomes, rewards, weapons, classes and talents. Actually it pretty much lacks everything.
Also when it’s getting boring in VT I just switched up characters or the class but in Darktide all of the few classes feel very similar except for the psyker maybe, whose concept isn’t really new when you played Sienna in VT either.
I’m just extremly disappointed with the state of the game as it has been delayed for so long but it’s still missing core components like crafting, private lobbies and variety in gameplay.


The lack of map variety will probably get me first in Darktide.

Yeah like I said VT2 did everything better and gave you alot more stuff to do prior to getting to the point where you’re just playing for the gameplay, I just wanted to be clear that at some point the gameplay is the primary motivation for playing so if the OP is already getting bored then it’s just not for him.

I would agree with this. I think the points in the op are valid as well, but I also think the main thing is you need to like the gameplay.

In vt2 once you’re characters are max level and you have all your reds etc, the only reason to do cata or legend etc is the challenge or gameplay itself.

My main class is like 35 ++ 400-500 or something insane in vt2, long ago I got all the reds, cosmetics etc I could unlock. I just kept playing for the gameplay.

Really at the end of the day the point of doing high difficulty is just for the challenge. The reward is succeeding the mission itself.

That being said it would be nice to get rewards for completing a mission like vt2 so you don’t have to check a shop full of autoguns over and over.


I am the OP lol

Well I played like 1k hours of VT2 and still enjoy it and would still find stuff to do. In Darktide I’m at around 35 hours and I’m getting bored already. I still play it every now and then with friends because of the combat gameplay but it doesn’t hook me as other games did as there is literally nothing else to do than playing the same missions that all look very similar over and over again and waiting for good items in the shop. And actually it would be a game that I’d grind for days if there was something to grind for and if it had a bit more content/variety.

Maybe it’s just not for me but maybe the game is just not at a point where it should be considered a full released full priced title. I think future updates will probably add quite alot of content, but knowing fatshark and knowing the update cycle of Vermintide I am not very optimistic that alot will change in the next few weeks.

And yes in VT when you had all chars max lvl and had every red item and every cosmetic from the quests there wasn’t alot more than the gameplay itself left. But in my opinion the time leveling all of those charakteres and perfecting their loadouts and farming for red items was much more worthwhile and took a lot longer.
You atleast had to play legend difficulty to get red items. Here you just sit around and wait for the shop to have the item you want.

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For me, if i’m honest, the game became MORE fun when i had all characters maxed out. No more “I gotte level Sienna… but i would rather play Kruber…” I could play whatever character i wanted and use all others if the one i was playing was already taken! I didn’t have to worry about “But if i can’t take those characters, i can’t really play Champion or above!” and so on.


But getting all reds in Vermintide for all builds and characters was a very long process and took much longer than a year to do and was the defacto end-game progression and the reason why many kept playing (it was also satisfying as hell finally getting that OP red weapon you wanted for so long). Yes, you could get a single build done fairly quick if you played a lot of Legendary and got all tomes/grimoires each run and lucked out with Monster spawns for dies.

In Darktide that is literally impossible to achieve, because… Well the store rotates only once an hour and to get that perfect weapon you need to fight RNG stat scores AND RNG weapon rotation coupled with a “crafting” system (read: enhancement) that tucks on additional RNG by having you reroll perks and that cost gets more and more expensive per reroll AND you need to get the vast majority of good blessings from the RNG store(s) as they cannot be rolled on weapons through upgrades (it can only roll up to 25pts blessings and the really good ones are valued at 35) so to get that perfect weapon you’re salivating about is nigh impossible to get.

So yeah, Darktide end-game is waiting for a store to rotate so that you may… MAY luck out.


I don’t disagree with any of these things, I did say op’s points were valid. But my point is, once you have all that the only reason to play is if you like the gameplay and challenging yourself with higher difficulties.

I do think there is too much rng here. Part of me wonders if because we have a shop where the rng is kind of more in your face makes it worse than being rewarded 3 items from a chest.

That being said, I don’t think max weapons are needed for max difficulty, they’re just nice to have and fatshark purposely makes them hard to get so you keep playing. The crafting and store rng is crap and a dumb way to make people keep playing. So if you don’t rng or the gameplay loop, then this game has nothing for you.

I also think being able to choose the map, difficulty and any additional scenarios would make this game so much better and less repetitive.

We do have more RNG tho, we can’t craft what we want and we will not be able to do so either, because “it doesn’t fit the theme”.

So, yes we got RNG from the lootboxes - but they were useful in the sense that we could break it down and use said materials to get something useful.

Essentially we could play and then gradually improve our gear… Here we get to play and then hope that we can improve our gear which most of the time is just a flat out disappointment.

In Vermintide we had set costs to reroll, here the rerolls will cost more every reroll.

Combine it all together and we have a system that has such a low chance to ever reward you with the weapons you’re looking for… All it reminds me off is how a mobile game does things and it makes me sad.

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I’m not sure if you’re misreading my post or just sharing your points but I literally said the store and crafting is crap and I think there is too much rng here. We’re on the same page here lol.

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Not really, its simmilar to shooter-looter, the loot system made the game rewarding or have some content.
DT doesnt, and unfortunatly game gets boring with enemies always behaving exactly the same.
Room with melee wave, room with ranged mobsters, ocasional monstrocity, than pox walker swarm and in the loop.
Also maps feel too much “corridory”

I don’t know of a single person who played VT2 for an extended period of time (over 500 hours or so) who did it for the loot. I put in 1400 hours and I don’t think I’ve opened any chests for at least 700 hours as I effectively had everything I needed by then. Obviously loot progression and making builds will tide over many people for a while, but once you get beyond that point the only reason to continue playing is the actual gameplay. I do agree that Darktide’s progression sucks though, and the game itself is inferior to VT2 in just about every single way.


Didnt mention loot as specific, more like end game content, something do those missions for.

For instance i played MOBA for ranked play and getting better rating. The game i played removed competitevness from ranked, changed the gamestyle of their game to fit other MOBA and thus game became more of a clone. Characters got reworked to fit different game style, lost their uniqeness etc. Game was dead for a long time, queue times were sometimes over 5 minutes.
With Tiers of Bronze-Silver-Gold-Platinum-Diamond, each having 5 ranks and also single rank Master and Grand Master… i being diamond was often matched with people ranging from Gold to Masters.
I lose all motivation to play the game and played it only due to addiction, got bitter and bitter until got banned. Also i had all characters unlocked.

And this is how im starting to feel for DT. Its ok to play it, but at the moment i feel that I play it more because its W40K not because its interesting or fun, or rewarding. Gaining a rank in MOBA, winning a game felt rewarding. In DT finishing a T5 run is… dissapointment as major dificulty difference is the ammount of ranged shooters and being forced to pickaboo shoot them for 10 mins longer than on lower Tiers.

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The problem with the stat bars is the majority of them have a massive spread across the roll that can make them perform worse than the advertised base level. You basically need as close to 80% stat bar as possible to not be dealing with almost 50% greater push cost, 1 less dodge and increased sprint cost. You also need all of that penetration damage to not be anemic vs armor, and that damage roll comes from multiple stat sources (chain weapons have 3 stats affecting damage).

If the stat bars felt more like a bonus to performance and not simply them giving the weapon they initially advertised it would not be anywhere near as important. Like Reload stat or Quell speed, these only have positive rolls vs base. Why are the other stats not like this?