Item Shop, Side Objectives and replacing VT2 loot system

Hi there!

i have played all Tide games this far and VT2 stiicked with me a long time, but the fact about darktide is griping my motivation to even try at some points.

The fact is Side objectives like grimoires and scripts have no value, Yes you get money and EXP but both of those are completely useless if you grind coins anyways and are max level. The item shop where you use these coins only gives a short pool of very poor weapons where to use the coins and you have no interaction to help yourself. in vermintide 2 there was point for doing every map and gathering every grimoire/tome to better yourself for better loot. Now there is no point, you dont get gear at all.

at this current time the side objectives just take time and “challenge you” for wasting your energy on them.

i feel like this is a dull change in gameplay compared to what it was.

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