Trying Vermintide 2 out as a Darktide Player

Recently, I was able to upgrade my computer to among other things have a lot more storage, so I thought I would reinstall Vermintide 2 after I have played roughly 1k hours of Darktide.

VT 2 was the first Tide game I ever played. I woefully misunderstood it, not really “getting” melee combat or the flow of the game, so I put it down after getting frustrated with it. I feel now that I really missed out on what VT 2 has to offer.

I got really into Darktide, and have learned how to play that game well, and now understand, at least in that game, how melee attack works and how the game is “meant to be played.”

Also I remembered being confused by how crafting worked but I think I could understand it if I tried it again.

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or pitfalls I should know before giving it another try. Maybe a build idea here or there (I refuse to play the Knife Ear!) Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


My biggest tips to new players for Vtide is to block if you plan to turn around and don’t walk backwards while attacking.

Also, there is friendly fire :crazy_face: good luck!



As a Martydom main in DT I understand lol.

Also that’s crazy, looks like I had about 50ish hours in VT 2 and had no idea about that.

Would you recommend any of the weapon dlcs (I believe that is Relics, Return to Ubersreik and WoM?) as being necessary?

dlc weapons aren’t really necessary, especially below cata difficulty (gated behind WoM dlc).
But some of them is sure the strongest in the game. Also, alot of fun and unique ones.

The most op from relics is trollhammer torpedo for bardin. Basically a grenade launcher that can stunlock bosses and kill elf.

From Ubersreik:
Mace and sword for kruber is super strong and versatile.
Dual hammers for bardin is grate for survivability and can even do decent damage in some builds/careers (Slayer).

From WoM:
Flail for siena allows for unlimited aoe stagger with its first heavy, which is grate for survivability.
Throwing axes for bardin allows slayer career to have ranged option and Ranger veteran to be silly.
Bill hook fo saltzpyre allows to soft stagger anything besides bosses with its special attack. Super useful for Bounty Hunter to get easy headshots with his ult.

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Btw, this is why you should always let zealots grab medbag. So they can clear their wounds without healing themselves.


Know which chests drop reds, and don’t bother opening them until you can roll base 300 gear.

You can do deeds on lower difficulties if you have someone you play with to do them faster and get more chests.

The armoury mod gives all the details about each weapon.

Get a lot of the quality life mods in general. Numeric UI, ammo counter, kill confirmation indicator (with customizable shapes and colours), load out manager, sticky grim, key notification pickup, etc. I would have to look up what, I am not on my PC. You will need to go into settings and enable the legacy UI for them. The new UI is more for controllers/console which I assume you aren’t using.

Not all weapons have special attacks like in Darktide some do. You can’t sprint in VT2 but some weapons you can move faster with (bretonnian long sword heavy swings, dagger push attacks etc.)

Royale cheese on steam has good guides on meeting break points and recommendations for talents and gear at cataclysm difficulty

(I play this song in my head everytime I’m setting out from the keep).


Learn to melee first.

Play a high Stamina Career and stack Stam/Block Cost until you’re comfortable, and then move on to higher DPS builds. (You can do high damage even while stacking Stam/BCR because it increases your offensive uptime by putting out pushes)

Don’t panic and Push → Light → Light :arrows_clockwise:

The biggest mistake I see, is people moving from Legend to Cata and playing ranged Careers with low Stam/BCR. They spend the entire match on the floor.


There’s a better version of this song available btw

Better than “best”?

… Show me.


Stamina is a resource, use it!


Just open YouTube and search:
Marching to the afterlife

You’ll see what i mean :smile:

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You’re on the right way, Dawri.

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Thankfully from my previous playtime I was already rolling 300s, although I don’t know which chests drop Reds. Is that a Legend Exclusive thing?

First thing I did was install Numeric UI lol. I am too used to having it on Darktide to not have it for VT. However the other suggestions sound great.

Also don’t worry I’m on keyboard.

Playing a couple of Champion games (that’s the one below Legend I believe?) coming from DT is a very different experience, and not one I think I’m full familiar with yet. Not being nearly as fast and zippy is something that is hard to get used to, and it’s an interesting experience going from being able to clear hordes in DT on Auric Mael without getting hit once, to taking too much damage in hordes on Malice equivalent difficulty.

I’m sure a big part of that is just putting in hours and getting used to it more.

For example, on Halberd merc Kruber, is the best strat just light 1 heavy 1 for hordes, since your push attack is an overhead? Or is it worth pushing and waiting for the reset for to go back into that chain?

Also I feel like the input delay is different than in Darktide but I’m not confident messing around with those settings.

Also do more people play on Modded realms or official?

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You could block cancel if you needed the combo sooner. For me, It depends on the space you have available. I typically like to circle around everything I fight, kiting left or right. I usually am lazy and just work the attack until I get back to my combo.

(What’s important for me is keeping everything in front, since you can interrupt any of your own attacks to block.)

I play vanilla.

We don’t actually know objectively since Fatshark didn’t reveal them, and they have increased the rates over the years. I think it’s:

Champion difficulty:

General chest ~1%
Emperors chest ~5%

Legend/Cataclysm difficulty (same rewards)

Peasants vault ~5%
Commoner vault ~10%
Merchant vault ~15%
Soldier vault ~20%
General vault ~25%
Emperor vault ~30%

Commendation chests on level up ~1%

Legend full book runs are the fastest… Quick play too. Some maps like skittergate you can grab only one grim since you get so many loot die, especially from quick play.

Screaming bell is still the fastest clear map too I think.

Good, you had me worried :wink:

I play official only. But there are some good “vanilla” builds I would recommend. Did you get any of the DLC?


I think the infantry enemies on DT are really slow or dumbed down. When I played it, I was able to just walk away from them whenever I wanted. It’s more about avoiding high density and range spam, whereas V2, enemies will spam hit you, if you ignore them.

Halberd is probably one of the most awkward Horde clearers in the game. Try to turn your back slightly towards walls and stay close to them, and kite a bit.

FK is probably the safest bet, as he has Stagger THP generation and lots of Stamina, but Merc is completely fine if you don’t mind more of a challenge.

Light → Heavy is good when you know you’re safe.

Push-Attack → Light → Light → Light is safer, while you set yourself up for the Light → Heavy spam.

Block Cancel → Light 1 is also viable. Or Push → Light 1.

No idea tbh. Only ever did true solos/duos with an irl on there.

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Yes, especially on halberd. You can drag your swings to extend them, btw. IDK if it is unique to halberd, though.

I’d say merc feels much better with halberd because of more consistent high attack speed.
Stagger THP isn’t much or ahead of hit THP on halberd IMO, especially on lower diffs.

@dragomusic Another thing:
Talent that gives you THP (White health) from stagger, does not proc if target dies.
This talent gets the most value from weapons that do more stagger than damage (hammers and shields)

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I didn’t get any of the dlc (besides Warrior Priest, I got that when it came out because Warrior Priests are cool :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Haven’t played him since they rework since I heard hes really op now)

I have Bardin and Saltz at 30, so thats why I’ve been playing Kruber just to get him to 30 as well.

I played some more games as FK with Greatsword and Hammer and they felt better with getting to learn stuff. Feel like I can probably go up to Legend now. People were talking about this on the DT side of the Forum but I do like how I feel like I need to stick close to the team a lot more, rather than being able to do whatever by myself.

Also that’s good to know, ty. Although I feel like maybe that talent is better on higher difficulties since you will be killing less per swing and getting more temp hp?

Also tried the sword and shield on Kruber and really didn’t like it. Probably a skissue.

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Yeah, DT is a lot more solo.

You can survive ridiculous enemy density on V2 by stacking with 1 other person, just need to learn where to stand and when to move.

The best way to learn this game is by doing duos with bots or true duos, imo.

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