Bounty Board as incentive to come back each day

it was just great - especially in late-game.
You came back each day to see whats to be had and then had an agenda of what to do.
You could work towards something pointedly.
Doing the tasks while playing the mission was nice and gave a feeling of accomplishment.
It was a greater immersion than these generic and bland deeds.

—> PLEASE give us back the Bounty Board.


Didn’t FS address a similar idea coming in a future patch? Daily or weekly bounties for cosmetics? Not sure about red items, but you know “baby steps”.

You have to remember, FS isn’t a multi-billion dollar company. Even Blizzard takes forever to release updates/DLC.

They did say they are working on a daily questing thingy very similar to the bounty board in V1.So we just need to be patient for now.

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