Weekly chests


I think we need more Bogenhafen chests in the weekly quest. I usually finish it in two days.

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This is a bit of an odd request; when did you start collecting them?

There’s only a set number of unique cosmetics to collect (84 if I am not wrong), so getting more of them faster wouldn’t serve much purpose if you are nearer to the end of your collection :stuck_out_tongue:

Only motivaton in my case

I always felt this way as well… you paid for the content. If you want to no life it and collect them all in 18 hours straight game play. You should be allowed too. When they were first released, you could only get 1 a week. It’s not like they make your weapons more powerful, it’s just a cosmetic.


I don’t disagree with you; there is somewhat of a barrier to getting the cosmetic content (the fact that it’s a time barrier in the first place is a little odd for a DLC). Then again, it’s cosmetic, so it’s something you want… putting up a time barrier is a way to get people to keep coming back for more play-time. Plus, just as you said, not having it doesn’t hurt you because it’s just a cosmetic.

I suppose I’ve never felt pressured to get more of them because, while fun, they never really “stole the show” for me. It might feel different to others, though, and that’s totally fair :smiley:

And I want fun and cosmetics. So if I on tuesday, dont have more chance, I will play another game the rest of the week.

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