Will you add some hats or some weapons skins for commendation chest and bogenhafen chest?

thank god i don’t get any dupe on bogenhafen chest so i got all collectibles from bogenhafen
also i got all commendation hat so there is no reason to open them now
will be a plan to make them useful again or let them be dead contents?


Odd, I ve been doing all weeklies quests and okri challenges from Okri Challenges and I don’t have enarly as much hats as you do.

I got a mix of illusions, hats and armor.

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same here -_-’ the system handling the rewards is quite unfair, but I doubt it will ever be addressed as an issue. Fs is quite proud, about many things.

There was a bug that you can take double weekly quest reward when we face bbb patch
Also i did 25 qp weekly before they patch it to 10 qp weekly which is make me get double reward too

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