Commendation chest since season 2

Hi, with the introduction of new currency, and new cosmetic, i was wondering if commendation chest still loot hero hat and skin, and can you loot new introduced skin ( not the real money one i know) ?

Yes they do still drop the same items at the same rates.

We didn’t add to the boxes, no. The boxes are unchanged. Same contents. Same rates.

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Ok thanks for the quick answer =)

I wonder whats the longterm purpose of Commendations Chests? With Lohners Emporium they seem to become pretty pointless and yet it seems like they are the go-to option for Okris Challenges rewards…? Can you tell me if there are plans to get actual rewards BACK into the game (since the sloppy Commendation Chests reward system that came with WoM doesn’t feel rewarding at all if you just get scrap out of it). Maybe reward Okri Challenges with Schillings instead, if the creativity level lacks that much at the moment?

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