Another 100+ commendation chests and ZERO cosmetics... again

On the day of the patch that raises the chance for a cosmetic I was very excited to open the 100 chests I had saved hoping the % chance was reasonable. I had opened 135 chests a few weeks ago, and found the same result. Zero cosmetic items. The funny thing is, I found 2 red items today. I have found 25+ reds since I started playing this game and would gladly trade some of them for a cosmetic. Fatshark, please, raise those %s!!!

Steam says I have 1048 hours in this game. Only two cosmetics ever found. Most of my heroes are +100 or more, and some are +150 in level. Imagine how many commendation chests I have opened. Can my luck really be THAT bad?

EDIT: I have found TWO cosmetic items in 1048 hours of game play. You do the math


Yea the stagnation of the rare items wil be the doom of this game

There were only 1 hat per carreer, they only added more today, so your chances were kinda non existent. I left my comm chest for todays occasion, opened 116, got 2 hat, 1 red. They also added the challenge system, and you can get hats and armor cosmetics with like 25 games at champ+.

I dont know what you meant by “my chances were kinda non-existant.” but I’ll take a stab at an assumption of what you meant. If you mean that you are assuming those 2 cosmetics I found were all on the same hero I was opening all my commendation chests on, it makes sense. I found 2, there was only one available, and therefore no more cosmetics available for that hero…

Well, incorrect assumption. I have 1 hat for shade (who I never enjoyed playing, and still dont) and 1 hat for unchained (ditto).

I opened all of the referenced commendation chests on the dwarf. He has no hat or any other cosmetic item at all.

Adding the content is a good thing, and I am glad of that, but in my experience, the % chance to get a cosmetic in this game is simply ridiculous

I agree, but at least they added garanteed cosmetic rewards now.

Ill be the 1st to admit I can miss something put right in front of my face. By guaranteed cosmetic rewards, do you just mean those frames you get for completing deeds? If so, thats not something I care much for. In all my time in this game I have completed 2 deeds. The rewards are so little, and nothing had changed for me. I am not interested in bragging rights or a hero frame myself

But did I miss something? Can you work towards an actual cosmetic item for your hero?

yes, you can get armor and helmets from challenges(and the frames)

SWEET! Ty for responding to my post!!! :smile:

I have to go look through menus more carefully now!!!


Again, thanks for lettin me know!!! =)

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only checked on Kerillian btw but, im sure others have the same kind of quests and rewards as her

Awesome. Again, thanks Abysswalker :slight_smile:

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