How do you feel about new droprates?

total failure of a patch.

add reds to commendations chests so you can get them from playing recruit and they aren’t a sign of skill

keep drop rates so low you can’t expect to see one in hundreds of hours anyway

loot in this game is a dumpster fire

I’ve got 3 red items tonight from only 4 legend games… that’s a much higher drop rate. I’ve got more cosmetics just tonight that in 300+ hours of game time. The drop rates are much higher.

Maybe it’s cause your stacked a bunch of chests + got a dozen of free ones and opened them all today, no?

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Nope, I only got my 35 chests from the challenges. I open my chests after every game. I didn’t have any stacked. 3/5 legend games tonight gave me a red item as well.


Just got another cosmetic from a challenge chest from my last game. That’s 3 cosmetics in around 40-50 boxes.

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Dude, I am glad you are that lucky, but check out this post and OP links. Sadly, not everyone is as lucky as you, not at all. Please realize that.

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still wanna KMS


Just got another cosmetic… Perhaps I am just getting really lucky lol. I had hundreds of hours and only 2 or 3 reds. And I only played Champ and Legend. Now I’m getting them almost every couple of games.

I feel great. I got my 2nd red today, in the load of new comm boxes. I have two characters both at about lvl 30+15. O happy day.

Still not getting a lot of greens to make abundant dust, but getting some so that’s better than before.

You can turn blue and orange dust to green now though. I already turned 300 of my blue to green xD

I’m stoked about them, but I’ve gotten pretty lucky.

I didn’t stack chests at all, started today with 0 of them. Challenges gave me 22 commendation chests from ones already completed. I completed 12 runs today (all champ full book), which got me more completed challenges and two dailies. Plus however many commendations I got from leveling up my level 30+ more in those runs. (Sorry, I didn’t count all my chests!) Anyway, from all those I got:
4 hats for Elf (all unique. 2 Shade, 1 WS 1 HM)
3 reds: Volleybow, Hagbane, Mace (Sienna)

The drop rate increase feels INSANE to me, but that’s because prior to this I got a grand total of 1 red item and 0 cosmetics in ~240 hours. I know, RNG and that’s just my experience and all that jazz. My buddy who played with me today got 2 cosmetics and a red from slightly less chest count (he did about 8 runs). Everyone in my quickplay matches was also getting more stuff and pretty stoked about it.

IMO this is a good improvement. I think the drop rates would be acceptable provided they implement some kind of dupe protection (maybe no dupes until you have one of everything for that character) and some sort of bad luck protection for the pour souls that RNG just really hates.

I’ll check back with you in a week when I’ve had a chance to test the system c:

I’m pretty happy with the dorp rate, collecting cosmetics is not why I play but I do like getting them.

I don’t feel punished for not hoarding boxes because.

  1. they offer no advantage in game (particularly with the dust change as I can now roll the properties I want without a red)
  2. They don’t really help you stand out (as much as some other games) as you are only around 3 other ppl at a time and they will all look unique because of no duplicate classes
  3. If you really want them as a badge of honor you can grind them out with the new system.

The disparities in loot seem to be quite extreme, would be interesting to see if other factors play a role.

1.25% is very low for the current aquiring rate of comm. chests (at 30 lvl that is), and for the # of careers (that use unique hats).

I feel bad for wanting to play Fashiontide now.

3-5% chance would be great.

Red droprate from leg chests is fine, just needs some anti-dupe protection, it really matters when you’re close to decking 1 hero with full reds.

Also requiring to do 100 runs with 1 career for a hat is overly grindy.
I’d prefer it to be reduced to 30.

I was thinking the same thing… and then I got the shade helm for that achievement in a commendation chest. XD

Really though, 100 runs will probably end up going by pretty quick.

Like 30-50 hrs, non-speedrun

Oh dang that’s right I forgot they had to be champ runs…

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450-750 hours to get all 15 hats. Seems reasonable.


:joy: so reasonable (plus the 400hrs we already have)


So I was averaging about 1 new cosmetic an hour last night just from leveling up and doing the challenges. The event portrait looks really cool as well. Mind you we were speed running, my British/Irish group. I’ll be doing runs later today with my German group and see if the runs bear the same fruit.

In the group, the other 3 guys got about 2-4 cosmetics as well. And our Tank got 2 red items from 20 commendation chests.

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