Red item droprate incresead? I din't feel that

So i have 200h now in V2, many of Legend runs done. Yeah i opend like 25 Emporor’s Legend boxes But guess what not a single red. I even got 3 boxes or so only with blues, wich is tbh pretty frustrating if you finished a full run on legend.
I don’t know if its still up to date, but on reddit i saw a post with the drop chances per chest before they increaced the drop chance. For an Emporors legend box 16.5% (now it must be more i guess?).
Im not whining about not getting a red, but if you do the math i should recived at least once out of 25 Emoror’s (the generals and so on excluded)
It’s just not cool at all if your whole lobby unboxed red items and you are the only one with 3 blue.

Does somone maybe know how the new drop chances per chest are?

Maybe i should say that my friend played as much i did and hot 4 red items by now? Or do i have just that much bad luck with the RNG?


I also have played about 200 hours, the last ~150 only doing legend runs.
Until this weekend I only had 4 reds all over. From Friday to Tuesday I got 3 reds!
I played about 10-15 runs during this time. None of the reds came from an emperors chest btw.
So I would say the drop rate has increased.

Mhh ok seems like i have unbelievably bad luck than

it’s just a flat % chance so some ppl will be unlucky and just not get any

The 16.5% number came from datamining the game code. Fatshark_Hedge confirmed that these were test values and weren’t used in the live game, since that is all determined server side anyway.
Someone opened 3000 Emp Vaults (using cheats) and found the red drop rate was about 4%

Even for optimistic droprates there is a 2% chest for this to happen. (we don’t know the exact value, but there are some evaluations.)
For pessimistic droprates, which I believe to me more precise, there is a 14% chance to get no reds after opening 25 chests. So I wouldn’t call such bad luck “unbelievable”.

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