Drop rate of red items (from Legend vaults)

I have “witnessed” well over 100 vaults of varying qualities being looted by friends, myself, and randos in my lobby, yet no-one has looted red items from them (I have heard of some getting reds from vaults, but i have no idea how many they have opened). I have opened maybe 40-50 emperor chests and got 3 reds, a mate who has opened about the same has got 2 reds.

I understand RNG implies we might just be mega unlucky, but in VT1 the chance of looting reds was clearly significantly improved when playing cataclysm over nightmare (originally reds only dropped from cataclysm, the way it should still be imo).

Another thing I’ve noticed on Reddit is that there are multiple variants of red illusion as well as reds without any sweet illusions. Reds were so highly desirable not because they were simply the top-tier, but because they were unique and collectible.
I managed to complete the full set of reds in VT1 after putting in well over 1000hrs, at this stage I don’t see myself bothering. I haven’t managed to loot a single red since I opened all of my emperor chests on launch day.


Datamined by Reddit user.
Champ General’s: 1.5%
Champ Emperor’s: 4.8%
Legend Peasant’s: 3.4%
Legend Commoner’s: 4.3%
Legend Merchant’s: 7.7%
Legend Soldier’s: 9.1%
Legend General’s: 10.1%
Legend Emperor’s: 16.7%


From reddit yes?
The LUA that was datamined was confirmed by Fatshark_Hedge to be irrelevant/unused code. The drop rates are determined server-side


My brother has opened about 120 legend boxes so far roughly 40 of them emps and had not seen a single red drop. I dont see how these drop rates are possible. I myself have opened about 80 and gotten 3 reds but they were all from soldiers legend boxes.


Your brother is preety triHard :man:t6:

He plays a lot. He loves the game and the challenge that legend provides but is getting a little discouraged at the lack of getting a single red. We were thinking of not doing legend grim runs to try and get soldiers instead of emps to see if maybe its the general and emp boxes that are the issue.

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Im well over 100 legend vaults as well and got my first red yesterday from a Merchant’s vault /shrug

Yep those drop rate numbers offered are pure BS.