Legend Emperor chest

nope. there were videos, reviews etc info on game is available before even buying it. this is more like someone bought a beef hamburger, bit on it, decided that he doesn’t like beef hamburgers and are demanding a peanut butter sandwich instead

Two words: patch 1.0.5. And another 4 words: droprate reduction after beta.

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elaborate please, red drop percentage was increased in 1.0.6

Do not suggests an increase in drop rates. I beg of you! I literally got 3 reds in the past 2 days and I don’t want them to just be handed out. They’re there and are obtainable through time. Ironically all 5 of my vets, a hagsbane, a longbow, a necklace, a charm, and a trinket have all been obtained from Merchants and Soldiers Vaults. Evidently since that is how I got them and I have 220 hours of play, approx 90 on Legend including failed runs, so they’re easy to obtain with just a smidgeon of patience and ability.

Good on you for having the patience i didnt.

Read this please. Also these links 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 might help.

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You achieved Item Power 300, congratulations. Now your drops can vary between 290 and 300.

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I’ve got 1 red in 185 hours. Which proves… that drop rates are extremely RNG.

Why argue with the guy who knows hes being rude and a troll? As the thread creator i respectfully request his and any responses to him be removed.

Back on point, the item levels coming out of an emp legend chest is just another symptom of game mechanics that neeeeed serious work. I have max rolls on all my gear and totally maxed on every single item I use. A red for me would do nothing but be a fashion statement. I love this gameplay and the core dynamics underneath it. If a game isn’t challenging enough, I don’t play it. There is a line tho where challenge and frustration meet. For example, its frustrating to have an ai director who spawns things inside your character model giving no chance to react. Its also frustrating to overcome all other frustrations only to open another frustration as the single best reward in the game.

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I completely agree with you on the power level of items coming out of Generals and Emperors vaults. It’s absurd that you can get an Orange 295 power item after doing a full run which would mean you most likely have max hero power. However, as I said earlier I don’t feel that red drop rates should be increased, but the devs could add Legend deeds that a grant red, hence expanding the chances to get them for those that are unlucky. I personally have not had any issues getting reds, neither are my friends, so from my point of view it seems that the drop rate is fair. What’s unfair though is the duplicate reds. My friend got a vet necklace last week and then a few days ago for completing a full run he got another necklace, which just stinks and is not helpful in anyway. It should be changed so that you can only get dupes after you got all reds you can get on your class.

You said you have all 300 gear with the rolls you want. Why do you care if an emp legend chest gave you sub 300 items? All you’re after at this point are reds, and obviously you didn’t get one. Now you’re crying on the forums about quitting like an entitled millennial. It’s really simple, if you aren’t having fun, then quit. No one will miss you.

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Im not gonna fall for your bait. Reread and try to look past your misconceptions all my post and realize that i am not complaining about not getting a red. I have stated this many times. I am saying that the end all be all chest in the game should not be acting the way that it is. Especially after everything that it takes to get the chest. Maybe its easy for you to get one and you think that since it is easy, the rewards are ok. Thats your opinion and you are welcome to it. For some of us tho, it isnt easy and we are having to deal with a whole slew of bugs, rng on top of rng on top of bad AI. I dont want the game to be easier and in fact, I think they messed up making champ so easy. I just logged in and did a champ fort with 2 bots.

The fact of the matter is, the end all, be all chest in the game should never ever be opened with the kind of rewards they are opening with currently in game. Thats my opinion.

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But you never stated what you actually want from those chests. Again, who cares if it’s not HP 300? If I want to use a different weapon, I can just use my millions of materials to craft one. Do I think that all items should be HP 300 once you’ve hit that milestone? Absolutely! But at this point, all people are after are reds. So I guess I’m just confused as to why you’re upset. Do you want the chest to explode with sparkles and glitter? I just…I just don’t know.

Edit: I mean, they could add some form of a token system to legend chests. Where you can purchase an item you want from a vendor. That might make beating your head against a wall in legend mode more palpable.

That thread is just pure garbage, 4122h? Yeah, no. I already have all veteran, our sienna have all veteran. And I have 200h played. Just like Kiryu says…

I’ve gotten almost all of my veteran items from Merchant and Soldier vaults.
Yes, It’s RNG, No it wont take Anyone 12000h.

Well,good for you for measuring everyone up to you. I have now over 400 hours in,half of it done on legend runs. Opened literally hundreds of gen/emp legend vaults and all I have to show for it is ONE red trinket.

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I don’t think you understand how RNG works.

Same goes for you, how do you think RNG works? If someone gets one veteran item after 50 hours of play and someone has to wait 150h doesn’t mean it’s not the exact same RNG, because it is. RNG is fair and unfair at the same time. It’s fair because everyone has the exact same chance everytime the open the same type of vault to get an item. It’s seems unfair however when player X gets more then player Y. RNG does not change after a fixed amount of vaults opened, the RNG is Always the same everytime you open a vault.

Then why did you elect to say something so profoundly ignorant as to use your personal, very lucky experience as evidence to attempt to disprove someone else’s math? That’s like someone computing lottery odds and you insisting they’re incorrect because you’ve won the lottery.

Also, seems like you misinterpreted what that thread is saying when it discusses getting all veteran items.

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His assumption of it taking 4122h to get all reds or the absurd number of 12300h is what is ignorant. There is simply no truth in his thread at all. Apparently, I still have 3900h to go to get the items I want so me and my group better get back to work, since our dwarf is one item away from all red and he also got two cosmetics.

As I said before, if they added Legend deeds that yielded just 1 vet item it would help those that are unlucky with the rng, otherwise I believe the drop rates are fair. Add suggestions, don’t just squabble with each other.

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