Hero Power for difficulties

I would prefer Legend to be up to Hero Power 400 as it takes for ma reason to even try it with a friend if i finished Champion all maps and have 300 Power Gear and cannot get any better if we beat Legend Difficulty, it looks also quite dumb “Veteran 300 Power” “Champion 300 Power” “Legend 300 Power”, for new people it must be confusing or like why bother with Legend then, the post is directed to the devs and not to some of the dietry hard “pro” players out there, i did play plenty on the first game and have over 100 hrs here so far.

Maybe. Eventually. Rendering everyone’s hard earned and rolled gear useless by adding another 100 power would cause a massive outcry, you can trust on that. 300 power items are plenty to beat legend anyways, if they would ever add another difficulty, thats the place where 400 power items should come from and be required.

As for a reason, difficulty, challenge and fun. Oh and reds, of course.

Like stated i want a dev opinion not the playerbases, and no 300 makes things still hard if you are not having a good 4 man team, they have to calculate in that some people may have only one or two persons to play with and that needs balancing.

Fatshark cant balance bad and good players. Hero power is not what makes you win runs, skill is. It has been proven countless times, in vermintide 1 there are plenty of recorded runs where players use white weapons, aka the worst possible rarity and damage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3QgYU4-WeM as an example.

Trust me, I know all about the perils of solo/duo quickplay, and I can tell you that giving the individual more power will ultimately solve nothing, take pre-nerf beamstaff for example. A weapon extremely powerful in every regard, it made alot of siennas i met that used it sloppy and careless, with a tendency to blame the team rather than their own reluctance to use a melee weapon to block every once and then.

Well, you posted it on a forum, that’s how this works. Otherwise, you can contact FatShark privately and hope that they respond.

If you’re talking about legend, then it’s supposed to be hard, the entire point of legendary is that, champ is the ‘‘hard’’ difficulty and legendary is more of a ‘‘challenge difficulty’’ if i got everything right. Not everyone is supposed to be able to do it, but every class is somewhat able to do it now.

Power is just a complicated way to balance things in comparison to VT1, but it allows for much greater customization which i’m grateful for.

I know deeds and all, but they’re just even more challenge F.x leg skittergate w/o power or talents with stronger ambient and stronger elites, or no pickups.

Lol “post directed to the devs” this is the community forum, and the devs have said that as a general rule they don’t jump in to conversations on here… anyways, do you mean Weapon Power 400 for legend? Because Hero Power is 600.

Either way disagree, Legend is supposed to be way harder than other difficulties. And it does have a higher Hero Power effective cap even though the weapon power is the same…

He wants 400 power items as risk / reward benefit from leg

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imo it doesn’t make a difference really. if you cap it out at 400 power, then everyone will eventually get 700 hero power, and then the difficulty will have to be balanced yet again so that legend retains the same challenge that the devs want it at.

well if they are asking that question then they can stick to champion and have fun, no biggy


The point why they made vet 300 is so that even those who play more for fun than challenge can progress, forcing you to go to legend for 400 gear would kinda defeat the whole point of that.
Reds are already a somewhat exclusive reward for it.

I just want that Legend not drops 300 Hero Power cap gear like Veteran and Champion does, that is all, it is fine for me if people cna do Legend with 300 Hero Power.

What he said, getting better gear would defeat the purpose of having an extra difficulty, to a degree.

atually i feel that you are missing out something here. the point of vermintide2 is not about the power level, it’s about playing the game well - after u play a while in veteran or legend mode, you’re going to hit the power cap, from that moment on it’s just skill and rerolling stats for different builds. think of recruit mode as for training, devs don’t want people to stay in there for long, so they usher people into vet and above by uncapping the power levels.

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