Max Power Veteran chests changed to 300?

Hey guys, I just noticed that starting yesterday, anytime I get a emperors chest from completing veteran mission the maximum power is 300. Is this an intentional change or is it a bug?

That’s a change that was implemented in the new live patch 1.0.5.


Oh nice! I like this change. For a minute there, I thought it was a “nice” and “helpful” bug :slight_smile:

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Nah it is intentional and, for what I can deduct, was probably done following the bugfix to scaling which makes champion and legend noticeably harder post patch.

That way, it still provides an avenue for players who don’t want to rage to still progress without solely relying on commendation chests. That is bound to make some of the more elitist players cringe tho.

The bigger question tho is do reds now drop from Vet chests? (I think they shouldn’t)

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From the patch note:

“Veteran item rarities have been changed. You can now receive Veteran items from General’s Champion and Emperor’s Champion chests, as well as any chests obtained from Legend. Their drop rates have also been drastically increased.”

I guess that answer my question. Thanks for the devs updating the patch note so quickly to provide an answer.

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