Devs, do Commendation Chests drop reds now?

In Open Beta they didn’t because apparently Reds had been taken out of the game. Since 1.0 had no patch notes, I have nobody else I can ask.

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well… i opened almost 40 of them last night and not a single red… so i’d say chances are slim to none.

Thanks for the reply. I’m holding on to about 80 of them, would be disappointing if that’s true. At least I can raise my item level with them…

Reds do drop now(there’s a bunch of screenshots on reddit and stuff), but commendations chests or crafting can’t give reds, that’s by design.

Just got to lvl 25, opened 30 chest and no reds so I guess you’re right ! Is t aht confirmed though ? I watch the last stream but not entirely, has it been said in it by the devs ?

It’s a little irritating seeing they dropped a couple betas ago and it was never confirmed or denied by anyone. And they knew people were stockpiling chests. Would’ve been nice for a heads up. Oh well.

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I dropped a red talisman 1 hour ago from a commendation box…i am lvl 15 dwarf

It gives 30 percentage more health from bandages…

Is it your higher level character ? what’s your powerlevel on the dwarf ?

Yeah its my main…ironbreaker…i think is 240 atm

I am lvl 15

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Ha, thanks for the reply. but it’s an orange (exotic) item. Red (veteran) are a different color and are automatically power level 300 and max stats.

Sorry then!

No reds from commendation chests.

Just imagine, maxing everyone to lvl 30 will get you 30x5=150 chests. Can you imagine now those chests will give you 3-4 reds per character?
Just forget it, reds are Legend-only (+emperor champion).

BUT! dont me sad, because COSMETICS do drop from commendation chests. My friend recieved a hat for zealot from commendation chest. No screenshot sadly.

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Can you get reds from Champion Chests even though you aren’t past level 20 then?

I would assume so as long ad you’re playing on champion difficulty or above

thats an orange

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As far as i know, i have never heard anyone confirm Red weapon drops from Commendation chests. They are confirmed by devs to drop from General/Emperors chests in champion, and i believe any chest in Legend. (i got one yesterday from a generals in champ so can confirm)

Yes you can, just got one today trying to open commendation chests for cosmetics for sienna.

This thread was from 3 months ago mate… they didn’t drop back then, they were added in a recent patch.

Yes. Had multiple reds from comm chests after the last “major” update.

I got a red dagger for sienna from a commendation box guys… so yes those free boxes… i guess has an astronomically low chance of dropping a red item.