No REDS since 3 weeks

They made it harder to get or something ?

Nope just bad luck

Move to Lounge please

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You know veteran dont have chance for red and champion have very low

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This is a perfect low-key savage burn. Brilliant.

I have gone three months with no hat drop, then got 2 in one week. RNG is a harsh mistress.


They’ve made reds so prevalent nowadays, I am loaded with them. You playing on Legend? You should get them pretty frequently if so.

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I’ve added +30 to my red dust in the last 2 weeks. So yea, they’re still dropping. As was pointed out, the chance for reds in Champion is very low, around 4% or less on a Emperors chest. And they don’t drop at all in Vet.

If you want reds you need to play in legend. Emperors chests and commendations have the chance to drop them but it’s very low. 1 in 100-200 chests in my experience. All legend vaults have a much higher chance, I’ve gotten double reds out of soldier vaults and people have calculated that the drop chance for general and emperors vaults is about 10-20%.


Thanks for all the info Y’all

I play only legend and red are extremely rare. I have more than than 1000 hours, well over 120/140 lvl for each char and still didnt get all the red collection, a friend of mine, playing champ and legend, 70%/30% and much less hours (around 600) is in a better place than me :smiley: he already got all the cosmetics and getting red every 3/5 runs (legend and champion)

Yea, it happens. Have a guy on discord, he said he opened 30 Emp Vaults and didn’t get a single red. It’s rare, but it certainly does happen. I’ve gone quite a few vaults with out a red, but then the opposite is true as well. Open a vault and get doubles back to back.

The two time :v:

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