I'm suddenly getting 0 red items

I’m not complaining, I just want to know if anyone else has had a similar experience since I’ve unboxed around 50 general/emp vaults since went live, and haven’t seen any reds. Am I just getting shafted by RNG or has anyone else noticed this?

I have notoriously very little reds from emp and gen vaults (like 3 out of 100+) and ALOT more from Soldier’s Vaults.

Have been thinking same thing myself. Haven’t seen new red in a while. But probably I am just as unlucky.

You’re getting shafted by RNG as far as I’m aware, a friend of mine got a red glaive and trinket off a single chest a while ago


Got that 3 times already, 2 reds from a single vault. Both were a soldier’s btw :wink:

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Think one of my friends that took to speedruns to solve his terrible luck got a few from recruits boxes to his relief

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Got a red lastnight, my first red ever after 230+ hours!

And just my luck, it’s a hagbane with the bugged illusion so it just looks stock. /cry

I just got my third red item.

All 3 of them have been charms.

I got two red’s within an hour of each other in champion gen/emp chests

nope no reds here since patch

I have been getting extremely lucky and have accumulated a lot of reds lately averaging 1 to 2 each day the only problem is I am getting duplicates, so far I have 3 exe swords and 2 handguns duplicates. All I can suggest to anyone is to play legend get general and emperor chest’s and pray you get lucky. Since I have a lot of spare time I play around 6 to 9 hrs a day. Yes, that long just to get a 1 or 2 reds. So far I just need Mace+shield, 1h sword, 2h GS, Halberd, and coachgun to complete the reds on Kruber. I also have reds on my dwarf but I decided to complete reds on each character one at a time since I feel like it helps but thats just my weird thought process. Playing quickplay helps as well but in the end it is just luck.

Rng. got 3 trinkets and a 2h-sword LUL

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I have 3 reds…all charms.

My friend has 2 reds…all trinkets.

well actually im getting rng luck 2 days in a row. got my first cosmetics, red SnS, charm, longbow

even i dont even use SnS, prefer 1h sword for HM, but looks cool

I’ve been suddenly getting 0 reds since before launch day. Hoping that will change with the latest patch.

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