How do I get Bright (red) Dust

I’ve been playing this game for a fair while since the halloween sale but I’ve never been able to get any red weapons, do I need to play on a certain difficulty or is there something else I need to do to get it?

You need to play on at least champion and receive at least a generals chest (the level directly below emperor vault).

If I am not mistaken, commendation chests also have a chance to drop red weapons. It’s just that the chances are abysmal.

What are the chances anyway?

Pretty sure there are no official numbers. All numbers are player guesses taken from just opening chests and calculating odds.

I found a Spreadsheet from 2 years ago on reddit with some numbers.
Also apparently someone had a Red drop Emperor Veteran Coffer but I can’t tell you the drop chances there.

surprised no one’s datamined the game to see the official numbers, really disappointing we have to got through all this effort to even just know how to get this stuff

Those who could do it probably did not feel the need, people got the loot % experiments done really damn fast.

I think it took less than a single year for it to be known to the general playerbase that emperor vaults has 20% droprate for a red. First big test i recall reading about was done with 1000 of those vaults.

Where did you find the drop rates?

EDIT: Ah, found it here!

Looks like 20% is pretty spot on. I thought it was 15% from counting about 100 Emporer’s Vaults myself, but that’s not a huge sample size.

Assuming it takes about 40 minutes to get through a Legend mission with all the books and that you get an Emporer’s Vault every time, that’s about 3 hours 20 minutes per Veteran tier item. I’m no expert at odds, but to get a useful melee and ranged item, and one of every trinket at 300 power means a lot of grinding. I was roughly 1400 hours of playtime when I had at least one of every Veteran tier item for every career that currently exists.


40 minutes is a fairly generous estimate isnt it? I though 20-30 minutes was a normal time for a run…but i wont dispute that it takes a dang long time to farm out all the illusions.

I just made everything red, got alternate build options for some stuff, and then called it done, a few times over on elf just because i spammed her too much. :joy:

That said, would indeed be nice if specific illusions were purchaseable in lohners shop, be it with shillings or with dust.

A user has collated data from multiple users’ thousands of box openings and recorded the loot drop rates here: Vermintide 2 Loot Drop Rates. According to that, Legend Emperor’s Vault red drop chances are around 20%, which seems to reflect the actual drop rate as per my experience. Commendation chest red drop chances are 1.25%.

Loot drops are calculated server-side. The official numbers can’t be datamined (unless someone were to hack Fatshark servers…) since the data is not in stored in the downloaded game files.

Fatshark_Hedge: Hello keen data-gatherers!

I come bearing news.

The LUA you have found does not actually determine the drop rates for items in the production environment - that is to say - these do not impact the drop rates in the live game and are actually used in-house to determine drop rates in the development build using a… for want of a better phrase, “local backend”.

Loot rates are controlled via our… for want of a better phrase… “production backend” and aren’t visible via datamining.

I know… BOOO & HISS.

I’m sorry.


They probably shouldn’t be in the live game files. This has been noted in the book.


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I’d suggest getting to legend and running that with as many books as you are comfortable with. Even the lower tiers have a chance for red there.

EDIT: oops, sometimes the interface highlights old posts. I leave it in case it’s still relevant, and I blame Sofia for the necro stuff


wow if it’s really 20% my luck is abysmal. I just recently completed the “all missions on legend” challenge by just doing quick match randoms so I’ve opened at least 100 emperor boxes and I’ve only got 3 red items so far.

100 and only 3? That is abysmal. I have a hard time believing that. I just opened 25 today and got 7 when I was trying to get another red handaxe for Bardin.

Sorry for the obligatory, “Works on my machine.”, but the odds in the spreadsheet for the Emporer’s Vaults hold up as near as I can tell.

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Wow, are you sure they were all emperor’s vaults (the best of legend’s rewards)? That’s really unlikely. Assuming the 20% bit is correct, you have slightly below 50% chance of getting at least a red by opening 3 of those vaults.
Do keep in mind the probability drops quite fast if they are lower tier vaults.
But for the best chests if you divide the amount by 3 it is kinda like flipping that many coins.

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It’s whatever I’m just gonna not play this game. I quit wow because I hate RNG based games and grinding. I only got it because my friend from deep rock galactic said its similar. But It’s nothing like a FPS survival game at all. Bought engineer and all DLC only to find out its god awful. The most effective builds aren’t using guns. Actually they are just double melee weapons like warrior priest and grail knight. Its a full tardmode no skill melee spammer and if you actually try to use ranged weapons for anything other than occasionally sniping specials you’re severely handicapping your team. I don’t understand how they took a great idea like l4d and cod zombies and turned it into a boring melee slasher.

And yes they were emperor vaults. I excluslively play legend library or cata runs and put 200 hours in to only get 4 red items now. RNG sucks. My luck in video games has always been so bad that it practically violates the laws of statistics, but it made me start believing there must be a god who doesn’t want me to play video games. I played wow for like 1 year and did the same raid every week and literally never got 1 item when my entire guild had full epics on all their characters and alts. At that point they stopped doing the raid because it was pointless to do just for me. Nobody could comprehend how it was possible but everybody would laugh about it and call me bad luck brian. People who didn’t see that happen first hand always think it’s impossible. It’s just highly improbable. But at this point it doesn’t surprise me at all. My luck is so bad you could probably have 2 people shoot guns up in the air 1 mile a part and both of them would hit me in each of my balls and I wouldn’t be surprised.

Currently, I believe the most effective builds in the game are Battle Wizard, Waystalker, and Zealot, with Grail Knight also being quite powerful. However, I’ve seen exceptional players tackle modded difficulties like Deathwish Legend or Deathwish Cataclysm solo with almost every career in the game, even using suboptimal builds. This proves that the game isn’t too reliant on RNG and skill does play a significant role.

I understand that Engineer may not be considered meta, but I personally find a lot of enjoyment in playing as Engineer, as does one of my newer friends. Despite having only a few hundred hours of playtime, he has become proficient enough to hold his own on Cataclysm difficulty. I’ve seen players successfully solo Cataclysm missions with the Engineer on YouTube. It does require a lot of practice, as timing and awareness are crucial when managing the Engineer’s gun crank throughout the mission; especially since Bardin’s playstyle doesn’t work great with being squishy.

In campaign mode, there are some RNG mechanics, but having red-tier items isn’t essential and the difference between a well-rolled orange item and a red item is minimal. It’s true that the odds of obtaining red items may seem low at times, and it’s unclear how exactly they are calculated. It’s possible that the odds may increase with playtime or mission completion, potentially capping at around a 20% chance.

I do agree that the progression in this game can feel slow, especially once you become comfortable with the game mechanics. Having to grind up all the characters to play on higher difficulties and open more vaults can feel like a hindrance to enjoying the game to its fullest. However, I personally stuck with the game because I genuinely enjoy it. I understand that if you prefer DRG and find that Vermintide 2 doesn’t meet your expectations, that’s understandable. I’ve also tried DRG with friends who enjoy it, but personally, I didn’t find it as appealing due to its pastel colors, childish graphics, building elements, and mining mechanics, which are not my cup of tea.

Is waystalker really qualified for this list? They patched the bloodshot bug i heard…though i havent tested to be honest, have been using piercing arrow for a while now.

I kind of disagree, its true that a powerhouse melee specialist like a Warrior Priest can hold the front and keep the team from being overrun but at the same time, its also true that a ranged specialist wiping out specials and/or getting rid of hyperdense enemy clusters also serves to drastically drop the pressure a team will face.

Gotta note that poor engi, while conditionally powerful, is so slow though so its easy to end up getting left behind while the local Grail Knight goes beyond the next horizon along with either a bright wizard or a handmaiden…leaving nothing but a very lonely dwarf behind them.

Since they removed that little bug, it has indeed nerfed that one OP build, it’s debatable whether she belongs on that list. She’s now definitely not in the same tier as a Coruscation Staff Battle Wizard with 150% fire DOT, or a Zealot with 40% more attack speed, 30% more power, and like 90% increased THP gains, but I think it’s very difficult for almost any other ranged class to rival the damage output of the Waystalker with her ult at 20-40% cooldown; even a good grail knight or slayer will have difficulty keeping up with Waystalker, particularly with hagbane bow. Even Waystalker’s nerfed regular ult is a low-skill, low cooldown high damage batch of free kills. I don’t like it.

I should also include Bounty Hunter with Duckfoot pistols as one of the most powerful. That’s definitely in the top 5 most powerful builds. His ability to output damage with Duckfoot pistols is insane, but both the Duckfoot Pistols and Hagbane are not that OP on the other non-ranged careers, and at least BH’s ult has more of a skill component. Waystalkers using piercing-shot are fine with me. I think I’d prefer if the volley itself was different; I’d rather see Waystalker gets some more powerful shots for a brief period of time with a limited homing capability rather than all 3 at once with very precise homing spammed roughly every 30 seconds to a minute.

Insert thank you meme

There are so few who believe me when i tell em that weapon is a terror when used by those who know how to, for allies as well at that depending on user morality. And so i will concede the point, yes indeed hagstalker is quite a terror.

And i was going to raise griffonfoot there for a sec but you did.

Batch is a bit of an overstatement for the regular one, it does decimate plaguemonks but really not outrageous against anything else, it doesnt even reliably kill chaos warrior without specific builds i think. Which is why i find myself appreciating piercing arrow at times, plus that I do agree that the base ability is or at least gets very dull to use.