Emperor vaults less likely to drop reds than generals and soldiers?

So I have just opened 20 emperors vaults and didn’t get a single red. Before that I opened 8 General vaults and got 5 reds out of it. That’s really weird isn’t it? Anybody else had a smilar experience?

It’s all RNG…

I’ve got most of my reds from Soldiers chests actually. Which is why I always try and finish a run, even if it goes bad and we lose the grims XD

yea I understand that but c’mon shouldnt the drop rate be a LOT higher for reds in emperor vaults? I mean 20 of them and not a single one? But 5 in 8 generals? I just can’t believe that it’s all rng…

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This I can pretty much guarantee to be confirmation bias. Humans are bad at probabilities, as our ability to detect patterns is inherently very good, and will find some when none exist. In this particular case, the amount of samples isn’t nowhere enough for statistical significance. Try the same again after opening hundreds or even thousands of crates and keeping book of the results, then I may be convinced otherwise. :wink:

That said, I’ve speculated elsewhere (very recently) about the RNG being somewhat skewed.


Indeed, @Licious-D and I have noticed a “trend” with opening chests. You can probably figure it out yourself as well if you save up a large amount of chests. Then take note of what items you have in your inventory and what you equip on your character. Open the chests and you’ll notice a strange coincidence with the majority of the items.

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Yea, RNG sucks in every single game it’s implemented. Loot boxes and percent based rewards are always a very bad idea. Look at cosmetics, I was getting a new hat every 3 hours of gameplay at one point, up to 9 hats dropped in the span of 25-30 hours. Now, I haven’t got a single one in over 100 hours.

I think Emperor chests in Legend have a 12% chance of dropping reds. Which means you have a 88% of not getting one every single time you open that chest. Although the drop rate might be lower on Generals chests, you might just be getting “lucky”. I play another game with really annoying RNG, you have to use scrolls to upgrade your skills. These scrolls can take up to a week worth of grinding to get enough of the in game currency to buy them. The scrolls have a 70% or 80% of working, can’t remember. But, I failed one skill scroll over 10 times in a row, I think I got it on the 12th try. That example should explain to you why RNG is such a really, really, bad idea and should never be used.

Some one extracted some info out of a local file that Fatshark used for testing in witch the chances for reds were in the following order:
Emp. Vault
Gen. Vault
Emp. Chest
Gen. Chest
Soldier Vault
Merchant Vault
Peasant Vault

I don’t remember where I read this and it’s only a file for testing the real values used by the servers might differ.

It was noted as well in that file that the hero lvl influences the chances for reds.
I remember that the highest chance is at lvl 30 with all chances being halved at lvl 28 and down hill from there.

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Interesting, I read somewhere else(On this forum somewhere) that you have a higher chance of reds on a Legend soldiers vault than you do on a Champion Emperors chest. I think even the Merchant Vault was higher than the Emperors Chest. Which is why people recommending doing clean runs for Legend, no books or grims, if you were having a hard time clearing Legend. Take healing for everyone instead to make it easier, and you would still have a higher chance of reds than doing a full Champion run.

Might be that the soldiers vault is still above of the Champion ones but I’m sure that the merchant was listed below it (in the post I read).

The only difference is- you need 3+2 champion run to garantee gen+ chest, making 1+1 leg speedruns is much more time-efficient (if we are talking only about red hunting), it takes you 6-8 min to finish level, +2-3 min to load a map, unpack trash u’ve got from run, also sometimes you wastin time killing troll/sfiend or just restarting the map when you don’t have potions/ammo crate near you or it’s right in the start of the level.

In fact speedrunning leg takes me ~10min per map which is way more efficient then 3+2 champ runs.

BTW I noticed another strange pattern. I’m opening vaults when I have at least 50+ of them, same is for comm chests, and I orten see strange streaks of 30-40 vaults w/o reds and then 5-10 reds in last 10-15 vaults.

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Noticed that too but…

I absolutely agree that 300-400 chests is not a good amount for adequate statistic, but I see this crap prety consistantly, also some of my friends noticed the same pattern. Ofc it can be just coincidence, but it looks prety strange for me.

BTW when I’m rerolling properties/traits on items I see very similar RNG behavior, I can see/not see some trait or prop combo for a very long time, the last time I wanted to get block cost reduction+ pwr vs chaos I used ~250 rolls to get this combo, and there were about 50-60 rolls that I got only 2 different stat comboes- block cost reduction+pwr vs scaven and crit chance+attack speed. Also I don’t want to remember how many times I got the same trait rolled 20+ times in a row.

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