Drop rate from vaults

Issue Summary:
Veteran drop rate for Emperor’s / General’s boxes are swapped.
I have opened a ton of Emperor’s Vaults and I consistently get less Veteran items than I do from General’s Vaults. My friend has the same issue.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open Emperor’s Vault, don’t get veteran item.
  2. Open General’s Vault, get veteran item.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Constant (100%)

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Is this the live version or the beta? Xbox user here



They all just . . . have a chance. You’d have to open and record the results of thousands of vault openings to get a real idea of the drop rates.

There might be something to it. I opened a soldier’s vault last night and got a veteran beam staff, and then opened a merchant’s vault and got a veteran flame storm staff. Haven’t gotten any reds from emp vaults in a long time

**I can post the drop info from our Legend Deed discord. This is from our group leader, 3000 Legend chests. **

Peasants and commoners vaults had misleading information or not enough of them to get accurate information.

Merch vault:
680 chests
60 reds
8.8% chance of a red

Solider vault:
679 chests
84 reds
12.4% chance of a red

General vault:
920 chests
160 reds
17.4% chance of a red

Emperor vault:
449 chests
99 reds
22% chance of a red


RNG is a cruel mistress.


Of course it is, especially if you do nothing to compensate RNG spikes, don’t you think so?

According to @SmokerT69 discord server stats we have 12.4% chance of getting red from Soldier’s Vault, 17.4% from General’s and 22% from Emperor’s. I play on average 3-4 games/day on a weekdays, and around 6 games/day on a weekend, that means on average 29.5 games/week. There are mostly 3+2 book runs, so most of my Vaults are General’s, ofc there are some Soldier’s or Merchant’s from so-called “fail runs”, and some Emperor’s from boss maps or just pure luck. Let’s say, it’s 20 General’s, 3 Emperor’s, 3 Soldier’s, 3 Merchant’s, which should result (according to Smoker’s statistic) in 200.174+3(0.22+0.124+0.088)=4.776 reds/week on average.

But, there is a problem, officer, I’ve almost never seen more then 2-3 reds per week, sometimes it’s just 0.

What does it means? I don’t wanna say Smoker is lying to us, I also agree that his statistic should be more representative then my+my friend’s, but I don’t see such drop rates, in fact they are a lot lower for me, a even lower for a friend I’m playing with most of the games. For me it means only one- RNG w/o any restrictions to mitigate spikes is just bullcrap, it can work both ways rather giving you everything or just giving nothing.

If you want the actual breakdown of each weapon/item, here you go, he actually did a redit post about it as well.

RNG is RNG though… there has indeed been a week were I have got zero reds. Then I open two chests and get 2 reds in each one. I haven’t been able to play much the last week, only 15 hours put in, and I’ve only received 4 reds. Sometimes the drops will be higher, sometimes lower.

If they did mitigate spikes, it wouldn´t be RNG. And it would be dumb imo. The beautiful thing about RNG is that eventually, the probability that the observed prevalence of a certain phenomenon (such as getting a red item) approaches its actual probability as time (and incidences) go on. Inevitably, sooner or later. You just might hit a lucky streak with your next vault, you never know. I personally have found 58 reds so far, no idea how many vaults I have opened, I reckon it is somewhere around 200-250, which would mean that the droprates must be actually higher than the above mentioned statistic suggests (that actually seems very likely, since red droprates have increased since V2 launch as far as I know), and I started playing relatively recently. Approximately every 4th vault gives me a red.

I see nothing beautifull in it, you get red every 4th vault, I get red every 10th vault and a friend of mine get red every 20th vault, of course this is on average, and still I see nothing beautiful that someone get tonns of loot and wonders why 5-1 is a bad exchange rate for dupes, while another person have 5 or 10 times less reds.

Sorry, in my world there is another word for such bullcrap, not “beautiful” but “stupid”. I played VT1 a lot, and I agree that it was kinda messy when launched, but after lots of work it become realy good game, with prety rewarding loot and craft system, fasion-tide, last stand etc. I hoped FS will learn from a VT1 expirience, also they advertised better loot and craft system, tonns of cosmetics and other stuff. Too bad I was naive and belived their words.

Just to compare, I found something like 120-150 reds, it’s hard to tell the exact number coz I dismantled lots of dupes, but the problem is, I have ~600 combined prestige lvl on all my charaters. I started to play legend at the end of march and let’s say my combined prestige lvl was around 50 when I stopped play champion, TBH I didn’t had few characters lvl 30 at that moment, but it doesn’t realy matters. You get one prestige level in aprox 3 sucessfull legend runs, so let’s say I’ve opened 550*3=1650 vaults, and a bunch of commendations (after they started to drop reds), and a bunch of Emp chests from dailies, also I’ve got something like 5-10 reds even befor I started play legend from Emp chests.

Look, my expirience is so different from yours, don’t you think so? And my friend’s expirience is also different, ah, almost forgot that I have another friend who dropped the game after 80-100hrs, he never played legend, but he got something like 25-30 reds only from Emperor’s chests even before all drop rate increaces. So there is another example of “different expirience”

And while we have this “pure PNG” there allways will be kinda “average expirience around playerbase” that is realy fine, but it can have nothing to do with mine or your personal expirience.

Interesting, I have dropped reds from emperor´s chests and even from a commendation chest a couple days ago, but out of the 58 I have had, I would say maybe around 5 have been from chests and the rest are all from vaults. So judging by your other friend´s stats, I would say I got ridiculously unlucky with chests then.

Can confirm I’ve got a lot of reds from the daily chests. If I’m not mistaken, I remember someone posting drops rates for champion and they are really low. I think the emperors chest is around a 2% drop rate. Which is why I personally think you’re better off doing legend with your friends and simply not taking any books or grims, so you can top up on HP pots until you feel more comfortable. Again, if I’m not mistaken, the lowest vault has a higher drop rate than the highest chest. So it’s worth it.

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