Hi…my Kruber is level 35 now and 649 hero power…do reds drop only on champion and above?

Very small chance from commendation chests.
Small chance from General and Emperor chests.
All vaults have a chance to drop reds, with Emperor’s vaults having the most significant chance.


I think emperor vault have 1/20 chance of red drop. (which make 1 on 60 gears)

Yes, reds do drop only in champion and legend (and very rarely from commendation chests).
General and Emperor only for champion.
And kinda all legend vaults have more chance to drop them.

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The community collected data shows about 20% red drop rate for emperor vaults, so 1/5, but Ranald is a cruel master of RNG. A friend of mine opened 30 vaults (from commoners up to emperors, but mostly the later and generals) and got 10 reds out of it, so he even got a 1/3 chance with lower chests in the mix.

Peasant Commoner Merchant Soldier General Emperor
Chests 33 248 680 679 920 449
Reds 0 26 60 84 160 99
Red% 0.0% 10.5% 8.8% 12.4% 17.4% 22.0%

Those are statistics from about 3000 opened vaults. Link