Veteran Gear from Champion Chests

Do they still drop? I mean, in the past 2 months I’ve done daily all days, Opened like 60 champ chests plus rewards from actual champ runs. But I’ve never found a reds. Ever! The only reds I have are from months before the DLC, has something changed? Can you drop reds only from legendary now?
(I apologize in advance if this is the wrong section)

Ps. Of course I mean only Emperor Chests

Yes, from emperors and generals. The chance is just really low… I got one 2 days ago in the daily quest chest. I think it’s something like 2% chance or less for champion emperors. I think the lowest rank chest on legend has a higher drop chance than the emperors on champion. So I’d recommend up’ing your game and trying the next difficulty.


I even got a couple of reds from commendation chests.

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I’ve gotten 4 red weapons this week from champion chests and 2 red items from commendation chests.

I save them all up and when I hit 50, I open up 10 on each hero.

Chances do not increase when you pile them up but it makes me feel better when I get red from saving them up :slight_smile:

drop chance from champ emp chests are really low tho. if you’re hunting reds, duke it up in legend mode =) it’s worth it!

ps. reds only have a chance to drop from commendation chests, general/emperor champion chests, and all legend vaults.


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