Red items

So i am seeing an issue. I have plenty of legand clears through quickplay. Why is the legandary item drop chance the same as champion? It seems i have gotten more legandary gear from commendation chests then i have from eny vault, including about 12 emperor vaults in the past few weeks. I am curious as to why i should even play legand if i am not gonna reap the rewards for playing on a higher difficultly, since it seems to reward the same as champion.

The drop chance for the highest tier legend vaults should be a lot higher. 12 vaults are not enough to notice that difference maybe. Should’nt get more than 1 or maybe 2 reds out of it, if you were lucky. And honestly… Legend is not just a bout getting red items, it’s also about preparing for Cataclysm (if you decide to buy the DLCs that it is still tied to… ). Just keep going for Legend, do full book runs if possible and your inventory will fill up faster than you want to… trust me, I could not open chest for more then a year now and its only reds in there :sweat_smile:

VT2 Loot drop rates - Google Sheets.

If i am reading this right then the madman who made this has somehow checked across 2500+ legend emperor vaults and reached the conclusion that reds got 20% droprate.

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Drop rate is 20% for emp vault. Got to get about 5 to get 1 red. Commedation chests is only about 2%.

the drop chance for a legendary emp chest is like 15%-20% iirc. That being said, don’t shy away from anything less than that either. Just as many legendary chests as you can. I’ve gotten 3 reds out of a soldier’s or general’s chest before. While it is nice to get an emp chest, sometimes you just don’t have the party or luck for it and that’s fine. Grab your general’s and be done with it. I’ve farmed countless reds just by finishing up runs and being satisfied with my measly peasant soldier’s chest only to find that it contains a red for ol’ kruber.

pff not only the drop rate was increased from what I heard… you are just unlucky.
& dont cry a river because you didn’t loot the red stuff after opening in fev chests.
when I was playing at the point of you I worked hard for any red stuff & spend a lot of time to reroll orange things at the time… & I wasn’t like you poor thing. You want stuff get used that you nead to work harder & you might or not might get it… as in games as in real life.

You got probably game for free? Then shut up & play for your drops to drop… open 50,100 chest… they will drop eventually & if you get duplicates then smelt them if you want & craft your own gear that you want.

Edit: At older times it was like fev % chance btw. from Emp Vault.