No red gear by bug or just no luck?

Hi there, just asking. I’ve played V2 now for 335 hours and have 0 red weapons or items sofar. I do only bookruns on Champion, sometimes on Legend and some Deeds if i want to. In Vermintide 1 i had like 12 reds in that time and also some of my friends have up to 16 reds in V2. Now is it just bad luck, that after approximately 633 chests, none of that 1900 items was red, or could it be a bug that prevents me from getting reds? Btw. I played the Pre-Release Betas where no reds were implemented.

I know, its not about getting reds or anything, and my gear is good enough, but its frustrating, to see that almost anyone on Legend has red weapons except for me. Ranald, gimme dat shiny stuff plz.:cry:

It sounds like you have been unlucky but I would recommend doing legend only and trying for emp chests to maximise your chances if reds are what you want. I’m finding at least 1 in 10 gets reds with this.

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That is quite lucky compared to my own results.

Fair enough I know results will vary but that has been my experience so far. 4 reds from roughly 40 emp legend chests.

I think I got really lucky a couple days ago and got my first red from a commoners vault that I got from a friends game I joined just as they finished. 90 hours played so far.

about average i think , myself at 320 hours in everyone except sienna 30 with around 200 commendation chests i have one cosmetic and no red weps. (do have a charm or trinket i forget which)

Just bad luck I think. I’m at about 220 hours myself and still no reds or cosmetics

Last week I opened 2 merchant, 5 soldier, and 5 general vaults, no red at all.
This week 7 merchant, 11 soldier, and 14 general vaults are opened, still nothing useful.

Bad luck it is.


You should getting some reds. I don’t know man but i’m sorry to hear that.

Even on champion, people say that they are getting reds.

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it’s a flat % chance so some people will always get screwed over. Some suggestions have been posted in the forum regarding it but we haven’t heard anything from the devs other than they are aware of the issues with green dust/red items.

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Actually they replied, that they’re aware about green dust problem on the stream, though tbh they did say nothing about fixing it.

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