I Dont get red Items

Issue Summary: i think i get 40 legendary boxes without get 1 red item.
i play 160 hours vermintide 2 3 chars lvl 30 the other 2 lvl 28 this is not bad luck its a mistake frome the game. i buy the game key by steam. what can i do to get red items?

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Legendary Emperor Vaults? General Vaults? Soldier Vaults? Which vaults did you get? You’re saying boxes, which makes me think of recruit loot… Are you saying that you played on Legend Difficulty, Opened 40 Legend Emperors Vaults and didn’t get a single red? That’s got to be the most unlucky RNG in history…


You happen to know if one needs to be 30 on the character opening the box to get a red?

Might be a problem along those lines too.

I highly doubt it. My mate got a red with only a few hours in game from a commendation chest. I don’t see why commendation chests would allow it but not vaults.

A red from a commendation chest?!

I´ve opened hundreds of those without seeing a single red, even after hitting 30 :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I’ve only got maybe 5 or 6 of them from commendation chests in around 1,500 hours. So yea, they are really rare there.

well i got more lucky i have like 3-4 from 400hours


i open 40 legendary imperator chest

1500 hours only 5 or 6 red item from legendary imperator chests this is not usual
usual is to get 1 red item each 5 legendary imperator chests
look here i open a thread for this problem

this is a mistake in game this is not a usual RNG

no one says he must play 1500 hours for getting 6 red items

I have no idea what a Legendary imperator is? You mean a emperors vault? Again, you are saying chests now which makes me think of Champion difficulty. Before you were saying boxes which makes me think of recruit difficulty. Not sure if this is a translation issue.

Can you post a screenshot of a item you are opening? Legendary Emperors vaults have around a 20% chance of dropping a red veteran item. You’re now saying you’ve played 1,500 hours on Legend Difficulty and have only got 6 reds? That is statistical impossible.


In the Steam post he linked, he says that he’s German. I would assume that the German word for Emperor translates to “Imperator” in English instead. Considering he says “Legend chests”, I would also assume he means Vaults.

So that makes it 40 Emperor’s Vaults.

He’s also making contradicting statements, as in the original post, he says that he’s only played for 160 hours and gotten no reds, whereas he now says he’s played for 1500 hours and seemingly can’t decide if he has gotten 5 or 6 red items (even though I’m pretty sure that’s something you keep track of if you’re currently in the phase of just getting them for the first time).

I would assume he still has only opened 40 Emperor’s Vaults in both cases, and if that is the case, then 5/6 reds don’t sound that bad honestly.

He’s also keeping his playtime on his Steam profile a secret (on purpose?), so there’s really no way for us to tell on our own. Until he clears up which one it is, we can’t really jump to any conclusions of whether this is a bug or just plain RNG.

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If it’s 40 Emp vaults and 6 reds. Then yes, this is about average. 100 vaults give around 20 reds, so 6 from 40 is about on track, just a bit on the lower side. It happens though. I opened 20 Emp vaults this week and only got 1 red. The next 2 I opened had doubles and a single in the 3rd. So yea, RNG is RNG.

Just to make things Clear in the german Version emperor vaults called “Gewölbe des Imperators”. So what we got here is the word "Gewölbe"whats directly translated from the english Word vault .
The tricky thing here i think is much deeper than on First look.

On recruit you get strongboxes if im not wrong that are translatet in the german Version to "safe " what would be translated to “geldschrank” but better to the word "tresor"what would be a more fiting term for the visualization you get for the vault.

The more fiting term for those strongboxes would be “kiste” in german btw.
In germany most ppl do not associate the ingame showed “tresor” you see with the word “Gewölbe” cause its mainly used in another context here… and you know germans are a bit special about the meaning of words :sweat_smile:

Maby its the same in english but since im german too and my english is not so good,
im not sure about that

So please correct me if im wrong .
But does the “box” or “chest” or how ever you can call the visualization for vaults you see ingame do fit in with the use of the english word vault?
If not i do get the Idea that FS just intended to use it as a substitustion cause they needed a visual one in boxform .

Whats not so clear when you see it from the german side of translation^^


Yes this actually used to be a thing and was about the following:
lvl 30 max chance
lvl ~26 half the chance
lvl ~20 almost nothing
lvl 1 very slim chances but did happen and allowed you to skip a great deal of item power grinding since once a slot (melee, ranged, trinket) can only go 5 lower than the highest item ever unboxed.

If it is still this way is completely unknown for to me.

But I too have opened at least 30 emp. vaults in a row without a single red inside.

ty for translation my german is really a bit difficult i cant use google transaltor for that ^^
legendary imperator boxes in german game is really legendary emperator vaults in english

and I do not get 6 red items I do not have 1 red item in 160 one hundred and sixty hours playing and opening 40 emperator vaults with 3 characters Level 30 and 2 Level 28

If that’s true, that level 26 only has half the chance. That might be a reason why I don’t have a red item yet. I also opened a lot of vaults with level 30, but not all of them.

It’s allllllll RNGGGGG~ xD

Yea, so Depending on the difficulty, the loot all has different names. I could of sworn recruit loot comes in boxes. It’s been a long time since I’ve done recruit games for loot. But champions loot comes in Chests and Legend loot comes in Vaults.

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