Some people ARE BUGGED and CAN NOT get reds

dont play this game its garbage ive opened over 100 legend boxes and im about done im almost 100% positive i can not obtain reds and im not alone. STOP Playing until fatshark ponies up and does something about it.


No need to stop playing, just stop opening Vaults for now.


then whats the point you are telling me im already done and there is no more reason to play legend

sorry but i have a hard time playing when i have around 100 boxes under my belt and some dude joins my game with a cool weapon telling me he got it on box #5 its kind of a smack in the face… really feels like absolute shmit.


You dont have to be bugged at all. Its just the nature of RNG without any kind of safety mechanisms. If the drop rate for reds is something like 1% and someone gets lucky and pulls one out of crate #1 and then another from #4 then by the very nature of statistics someone is bound to be on the other side of the bell curve and will need 200 crates to get a single item.


Loot is not the reason to play Legend.


Sure, lets start telling people what the ‘right’ reason to play video games is.


heh. reminds me of a time when someone told me that i wasn’t playing my wizard ‘the correct way’ in diablo3. he was positive there was only one way to play it

If all you care about is looting reds, then go play Champion games, the drop rate from Emperor chests is actually much higher than from vaults (seems about 5%).
I’m not saying that this will be permanent, I’m suggesting that there is something wrong with the drop rates at the moment that may be fixed at some point soon. So hording your vaults may mean that if the drop rate of reds are improved, you will be able to open them all at that point for decent loot.


Lets skip the initial tone of the post aside. There might be a real issue regarding those reds nonetheless :stuck_out_tongue:
I ve been playing Vermintide 2 for 198 hours now, got all achievements except that “equip a veteran item”

I ve been playing the game for closed beta 2, 3 and pre-order beta with 2 other friends on mostly champion and legend runs.
2 of us never got a red (respectively 179 and 198 hours of played time)
1 of us (with “only” 124 hours of played time) got 5.

I m not crying over not getting a red item but it seems rather unfair or maybe bugged I don’t know but it really doesn’t seem to be working properly.



i am quite sure the odds right now are akin to winning the jackpot.

putting many many hours in to the casino doesn’t mean you win the pot.

just speculating, don’t know for sure.


We are always going for grims and tomes so I m mostly talking about General / Emperor Chest on champ & legend runs.

And again, one guy gets 5 reds, the other 2 gets nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Not crying or complaining but it just doesn’t seem right and pointing out the fact there might be an issue.

well you’re that much unlikely to get any reds or cosmetics from champion. and legend eventually becomes easy too.

Yeah it kinda is.

No bug, just shitty luck.

i had been farming for ages legendary and just now eventually got my first red from a champion emperor box x.X

Wouldn’t surprise me if they got numbers wrong and champions emperor chest actually has a higher chance.

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But that would be a bug. This is also basically what we are trying to say.

Wouldn’t surprise me if they got numbers wrong and champions emperor chest actually has a higher chance.

Yeah, rarity is affected by chest grade not difficulty.

Not so on legendary, you can get oranges often even from low tier.

Merchant can already drop oranges, but yes, legendary is exception of having higher ceiling but not higher chances.

Its def feels like higher chances for oranges, just not sure about red.