Legend Emperor chest

OFC it’s fine for me. I have stuff. I only lack 2 staffs and 3 melee for Sienna. I even have red weapons on other characters aswell. Honestly from my POV I would say they should lower the droprate on Reds. It’s way to easy to get them. I’m the proof it is to easy to get them.

How many reds on other characters? That’s important.

Well I don’t open that many boxes on other characters than Sienna. But i have 2 red weapons on Kruber and 1 on Saltspyre.
Not sure why you think this is important.

Because this is basic math! You have 7 red weapons in total out of 54. Which means that even if you never ever ever gonna get a duplicate, you will need 220h * (54/7) = 220h * 7.7 = 1700 hours to get all reds. Not bad, huh?
I think that is bad enough, and we might as well stop here, but…

But let’s take duplicates into account. And for that we need to multiply that number, 1700, by 3. And the result will be 5100. 5100 hours. To get all reds. Even bigger than my calculations. Why? Because my numbers are chosen, so

But that’s not all. Because the actual grinding time is luck dependent, mostly because of duplicates. For some players it will be lower, but for some players it will be EVEN HIGHER. And you might be one of those people.

So gl, hf.


Okay now I see what you mean. You mean getting all reds in the game. Well that’s not what I was referring too. I was simply referring to the time it has taken me to nearly have a complete red set for my main character. And so far it’s been pretty easy. But the thing is you don’t need red equipment at all to play efficently. So having a thread dedicated to only complain that red droprate is low is just silly. My personal experience is that the droprate is normal/high for reds. And I’ve had to destroy atleast 5 reds because they where duplicates. (3 conflagstaffs in a row was really annoying. Not to mention when i got my 5th red necklace)

Reds are supposed to be special. The coup’d’grace of equipment. Give it out to everyone because they are feeling entitled to have it and it has basicly lost all it’s value. An increased droprate won’t solve anything.
But you have to be patient aswell. Fatsharks are working on a questsystem (Kinda like the one from the first game?) That might severly make it easier to get the things you want.

By virtue of them being pure RNG and nothing else, they have no value right now. It’s not something that you look at and think, “that person must be good,” because you’ll newer and more inexperienced players with them even more often than you’ll see them on vets, just because of the volume of the one group compared to the other.

Quest system will help but the drop rate and dupes do need to be addressed. V1 doesn’t share these issues and it shouldn’t be possible for a player to go effectively forever without getting a QoL/cosmetic drop they’re after

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So many implications. So rude. Usually that means that there is nothing to say.

I, on the other hand, have a lot to say, but I will let other people speak for me:

Some people are bound to face bad luck, and lots come here to share it:

So while I do not agree, that farming reds should take 5k hours, that doesn’t matter actually. The biggest flaw of this system, that some players will waste thousands of hours just getting weapons they need. Not a full set, just one of their favorite swords or something. Because this sword might drop 1st try, but on the other hand it is not guaranteed to drop even after 100th roll. And that’s awful.

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getting sub 300 out of emp vaults is a bit of a confusing one. i feel like i almost always get a sub 300 out of them and have a better shot at getting a 300 power item out of a commendation or champion level box. chances of rolling some perfect statted orange out of the box are pretty low but it’d at least be to consistently get 300 items that i could dump scrap into in hopes of gambling a nice item rather than it all just being sharded. right now my scrap is just funneled into a level 10 character to craft greens

as for reds, unless its been changed recently the drop rate is decent and probably doesn’t need increased. more than anything i think the green dust issue needs resolved. as it is now, not only do you not have dust, but rerolling anything other than a red is an enormous gamble that just isn’t worth it so you end up holding on to what little dust you get and praying you get a red, which makes the whole thing feel frustrating. even as a dude who doesn’t care about reds or cosmetics, or even min maxing to some obscene level, it gets a bit annoying when i want to try a different combination of things out and the reality is i’m stuck using weapons with block angle and crit power or something because i can’t afford to do anything else. you can obviously run with items with any stat rolled on them, but you’re not exactly getting a real feel for how things are going to perform when you have them rolled the way you want.

So Rude? I would love to hear what you thought was rude in my statement. I’m just stating facts from my experience. Or could it possibly just be the fact that I am not in agreement with you? I don’t know and I don’t care either way about that. I’ll leave it at that.
You claim you have much to say but instead quote what others have said. That is abit… ironic?

Reds do have value. They are perfect stat items. If they did not have value. Why would we even be having this argument? It’s pointless to discuss something that has no value right?
But I do agree with the duplicate problem. Having experienced it myself it is annoying. But then again I don’t play this game to farm reds. I play it because I have fun while I play. Everything else is just a bonus.

First remark was not aimed at you Avar. My mistake.

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They’re just overvalued right now. It’s artificial, and temporary. The only reason it matters is because we can’t craft equivalents, because there’s not enough green dust and the crafting system is still really, really bad. If everything was working, it’d be nothing more than a cosmetic item and a QoL necessity.

There is value to the cosmetic element, because it’s a fun way of making people look the way they want, but once the crafting system is fixed reds here will be just like they are in V1, utterly superfluous.

Fatshark has created a system where the most efficient way to win or “earn” the drops is to just stop and wait for them to fix everything, sadly.


I am inclined to agree with you there. It is sad that best course of action does seem to be to simply wait for Fatshark to fix the problem. It does not hurt to keep playing though since that does increase your chance of getting loot.
I might have been lucky with my reds. But i have drawn the short stick in the other end with 0 cosmetics sofar. It does suck since personally i love cosmetics. But I don’t let it bother me and just keep playing for fun. If I get a cosmetic or not. Doesn’t matter.

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I’m in the same boat kinda. Would prefer cosmetics but haven’t gotten any and I’ve gotten ~15-16 reds total, just lots of dupes and only 1 weapon I was actually after. Plus right now my game is totally fubar with post-1.0.6 spawn rates being hard-glitched for me, so it’s hard to get the same enjoyment out of the game while I wait for the fix.

Oh. So I am not alone with the near 100% boss+horde issue then? My games are like that aswell. I just live with it.

The boss + horde thing is intentional design. Every boss comes with a horde now. I think it’s dumb but meh.

My director, like some peoples’, is just bugged in general, like deed contamination was in 1.0.5 but much worse, and all the time. As per this post, spawn rates across the board increased 2-3 fold for some people from 1.0.5 to 1.0.6. Thousands of kills per level and over a hundred specials.

If there were a simple failsafe to ensure you get a red every X amount of chests no one would know and everyone would be happy. However that would take the ability to write a simple conditional statement and judging by what each patch reflects(lower difficulty? More like HIGHER difficulty. No more silent patrols? pfft more like MORE silent patrols) they have no idea what they’re doing.

I doubt they have anyone with the programming ability to calculate even the simplest logic. The entire game is likely built from copy & pasted spaghetti code from all over the internet.

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Oh and for reference I have over 200 hours with the majority in champ & legend with only one red to show for it(a necklace from yesterday) and no cosmetics. The drop rates are extremely low so you don’t lose interest while they put all their resources into developing DLC. Indie companies aren’t guaranteed not to be like Ubisoft or EA.

Although I relate to your words, I can’t not flag them. I am sorry.

If you were a majority you would be. I’ll stay skeptical. But i think reds should be har to come by aswell.

More a reward for doing hard deeds or the likes instead of a %.

Well glorious RNG. Improve loot system surely astonishes.
Seems to be the new meta in gaming industry. If implementing content seems to expensive, just make every variable as grindy as possible. This isn’t a coop game, this is a f2p korea mmo, with the difference that everyone payed for it (pre order yaaaay). This is the reason i dropped PoE, WoW, Borderlands and whatnot. Its just not fun to grind for this one item that needs those special mods it will basically never get. But in those others games I at least knew beforehand that the gameplay will be focused on this.
I’m surprised that you can only loot stuff for your current character and not for everyone range 1-300.
Feels like the good old times in Diablo II, were people shopped nilathak ten hours a day to get an arreats by the chance of ~1/3500 just to throw away dozens of this helmets because the only really valuable version of it had modifiers that occured like 1/10000.

I think the worst isn’t even that the absolute top tier best in slot equipment is hard to come by. What bugs me the most is that 0,1% of the items found in chests are actually usefull and the other 99,9% are complete garbage that isn’t even usable. For any purpose. Its so black and white. Either trash or the holy grail. Trying something new on your own can waste the accumulated ressources of a days work and yes, getting crafting materials in this game is work, nothing else.

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Couldn’t say it better.

Do not agree with the Note part though. De facto 0.1% of stuff you get from chests is items, and 99.9% is resources. If you look at it this way, the problem is not that big, because, well, you can’t call 99% garbage anymore.

But still droprates are awful.

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