Legend Emperor chest

So THE best chest you can get and takes 4 people working highly together( assuming your not cheesing some of the maps) killing 60 specials and upteen elites as well as hundreds of mobs now gives out a 299 hero power blue with 2 gold both 297 hero power…

THE BEST CHEST in the game gives rewards that are totally useless and i mean totally useless to the guy who opened it. This is why people are not playing… risk vs reward.

With the legend director sending 3 incapacitates who are literally spawning inside your character model giving you no chance to react with 2 gas rats, a horde and a boss at the same time ( I **** you not this is happening multiple times a day) you would think if a group overcomes that and many more challenges you might deserve a reward with 300 hero power dont you think?


Im done with your game. So much stuff i can list as to why with the above post just the tip of the iceberg.


Power isn’t high enough. Gotta admit, hadn’t heard this one before.
You’re supposed to have everything at 300 before you start running legend man.


Legend isn’t so hard. Many people will do it with ~lvl20 characters.

Anyway, I think that because of the rerolling mechanism the item power is something you eventually overcome while dust is a more lasting limitation.
It’s damn annoying the grind to start dropping 300 power items, but once you’re there you quickly fill everything with 300’s.

Legend is about them reds anyway.

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No, even if you’re hero PL 600, you will still get items in emp legend vaults that arent 300pl sometimes they are around 394-396PL.

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Not in my lobbies they don’t. I’ve trouble enough finding competent level 30 players. Pubs I suppose.

This is true

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When it’s working as intended it’s easy. Right now though, some of us seem to have perma-bugged ai directors.

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I find that missions are very consistent between playthroughs. As long as you more or less know what can spawn where a lot of the RNG factor disappears.
I mostly play with pugs now and losses are mostly when someone insists on rushing through ambience mobs.

The problem is that chests are too much rng… dice spawn, sackrat spawn, sackrat drop, randal’s gift…

Even worse. Think about it. You have everything 300, will you settle for a 295 power item? I dont think so. Apart from it just not looking and feeling right, on atleast one character I noticed that having 599 power instead of 600 made one of my weapon deal less damage, so there IS a decrease.

Give you an example, I found a 10% power vs skaven 9.5% power vs armored potion duration charm. I was really happy, as i was planning to reroll a charm to exactly that to deal with SV on one of my setups. Guess what, 298 power.

There is absolutely no reason chests should award <300 power items after a certain amount opened, apart from further increasing grind and playtime.

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That’s why i won’t do any pubs legendaries for now. It is very, very difficult to complete a legendary run in public, both for his unfair difficulty (boss horde and special all together everytime) and the lack of coordination/knowledge of the game from the randoms (not always, but often).
I have 160 hs in the game and 3 reds, all of them acquired in emperor champion chests. I will continue to do champions, it is relaxing and sometimes you can be lucky.
No hats though T_T

He already has everything at 300.

Yet he still gets items with less than 300 power out of chests gained on legendary.


Dunno why I came back to reply but here I am. I have 1 red that I use, 1 duplicate and Grubers minigun(lol). I also have the rolls I want on all my gear and all of it at 300 hero power and every achievement finished so you may be asking why I am complaining…

Loot of the chest isnt the issue. Its after dealing with the many bugs, rng, rng, rng, schizo director, 3 pugs and a host of other crap, we pulled off a perfect game and then just as your feeling great about it, you get a BLUE and 2 oranges with all 3 not even ilvl 300 from the BEST chest in the game.

What can be done? Dunno, but currently that is a game I can not and will not support.


It’s annoying but it’s just a king in the game atm.

But honestly if you dont enjoy the game for what it is, then dont play it ?

It seems like you just want instant gratification, i’d recommend games like D3 / Torchlight.


Except a lot of V1 fans are upset too? Telling people to bugger off to other games doesn’t really help the company.

Exactly, just to get exotic items at 300 with decent stats are not hard, it’s actually almost too easy. The issue is that people focus on red items and cosmetics for some reason. I’ve used my exotic swiftbow since I could get 300 power level items and sure, it would be cool with a red swiftbow but that wont make it any easier to play.


Wat ?

So, you came to quit the Game because of loot that you dont want but its not the loot its the bugs but its the loot °-°


Yeah it is overdone. I have seen it too, I’ve been at max gear for months now and still end up getting sub 300 level items out of Legend level max chests…

Its pretty anti climactic.

And yes, despite running Legend more often than Champion, I have not received any Reds since just shortly after patch 1.05.

So there is a possibility the drop rate is hosed up.

This too has been out of control off and on since the game started. It is completely inconsistent. One party has a whopping total of 36 specials, the next has 60+ running the exact same map.

This need to be reigned in and made more consistent. While one would expect a variance of 10 specials on either side of the ball… there is a major difference between 30 specials in one run, and 60-70 in another.

(EXAMPLE: This should be reset to say 45 total allowed specials allowed with +5 or -5 in either direction)

And this doesn’t include Patrols and specials spawning on top of you or 10 feet behind you with no callout warnings and instantly ganking or killing characters.

If I wanted to play Onslaught mode, I would have downloaded the mod for it. I would rather we had a nice consistent Cata level of play.

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I’ll try and make sense to you…

In your mind decide what the worst cake you have ever had. Got it? Now take that cake and smother it in the worst possible icing you’ve ever had.

That is the state of the game right now. Hands down the worst cake you have ever had but its still cake.

Misunderstanding seem to be common for you, what i said was ‘’ If you dont like it dont play it ‘’

In a longer sentence: No body is forcing you to play, you can always wait till they’ve had a patch or two and see if you like the changes they’ve made.

There are other games, other things to do. I’m also sure most ppl complaining about not getting their precious reds, or getting 298 items from leg chests have played CONSIDERATELY longer than what you’d usually do with a game at this price range.

My two cents are, just settle down m8

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