Legend Emperor chest

“Hands down the worst game you’ve played but it’s still a game”
Gonna have to disagree with you there bucko

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I’ll chip in aswell, the game has been released far too early and proper testing / feedback has been lacking ?

With that said it is probably my most played game in a while, that being the only game i actually play at the moment. Simply because i think it’s fun.


Gonna have to agree with you there bucko


I aint your bucko, pal

Does being a rude pedant then telling people to settle down usually go well for you? It’s a feedback thread. Telling people that they can leave if they don’t like it is contrary to the purpose of these forums. Worse, it’s actually outright detrimental to the conversation (and kinda trolly) to even chime in with that kinda crap.

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I did that. I’ve deleted prev game month ago and dont really want go back. A lot of people do this, do not except that v2 is diffirent

Who knows, one can hope. I’d still say i got more than my moneys worth shrug

If you have a personal problem, don’t drag the thread into it. If I didn’t reply I either didn’t see or didn’t remember your post. This thread has nothing at all to do with HM. Further, there’s nothing remotely hyperbolic about any of the constructive posts that have been made herein. You’re being a troll.

Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, just shooting staight.

It’s nothing personal, and yes this thread has nothing to do with classes. I just happen to remember said case and i thought it explained well why you’re daft ( ie your post is nonsense, just like these arguments ).

That said, my point is still this thread offers nothing new to already known problems, it comes off as childish in the way that they’re expecting tripple A service from a company that is quite small in comparison, sure they can be slow but you payed what… 25 EU ? And got at least 100 H.

The problems frustrates everyone, but moaning stuff like ‘‘gimme reds or i quit ree’’ is not constructive.

What in high hell are you talking about? First, the topic, OP, and conversation have nothing to do with “gimme reds or I quit.” The feedback the OP gives clearly states that he thinks it’s ridiculous that you can get items with item power sub-300 from Emp Vaults, which is a valid critique considering the layers upon layers of RNG in V2. This is a logical concern and this is a very specific issue that doesn’t really get touched on, because it’s minor compared to the other major problems right now. The size of the company has absolutely nothing to do with the issue being discussed here. Second, everything you’ve said in here has been extremely petty, irrelevant, and borderline crazy. Lastly, I literally only politely pointed out that telling people to leave isn’t exactly good for the company, so you were being a troll and now you still are.

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i have a way to get items of 300 power without even playing a mission! it’s pretty darn ridiculous too!

You mean sub-300? Iunno… we get enough scrap I don’t really see crafting a non-300 as an issue, especially right now because, hey, maybe we’ll get a green. I think the OP’s concern is more that with the RNG for rerolling exotics, and the fact that the “first” roll you get is w/e’s on it when you open it in the vault, items being able to range from 295-300 instead of locking at 300 when you’re at 600 is just another layer of RNG to screw you out of an ideal exotic.

sorry i was actually being mildly sarcastic. i wanted to provide a counterpoint to OP’s argument, by saying that you don’t need to run legend runs to get items of 300 power, u can just craft them. normally people are looking for reds in emp chests, not normal oranges, because u can get 300 items from vet even.

I figured, just wanted to be polite in case I wasn’t reading it pithy enough in my head haha

I agree with you entirely but I do still think it’s a valid (minor) point. At the end of the day, if you got a 297 charm with 5% crit chance +33% curse resistance, I don’t think many people would sweat losing the ~1 averaged out hero power. That said, since it’s soooo trivial, it’d kinda just be polite for Fatsharm to lock generals and emp chests to 300.

Legend chests are either scrapped directly into dust or are reds which saves dust.

Endgame gear isn’t much epic.

apparently having 599 vs 600 is a breakpoint so it actually does matter

Someone may do the statistics, but I guess you probably aren’t rolling a perfect orange out of a chest.
If I did, I would have used it for a while.

@valicious Good to know.

@birdman Is possible. I think I got 5% crit 5% attack speed right out of the box. I was lucky enough it was a melee weapon I wanted and that it was 300. Knowing now that 600 is a breakpoint, I’d actually be pretty cheesed at the unnecessary RNG if it rolled 299 or lower.

breakpoint for what?

I think it’s a breakpoint for cleaves. i end up losing an extra enemy hit on my glaive if my pwr goes under 600. i’m sure there are others with some more input on it as well.

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